New A4 Build

  1. Dan Forney
    Dan Forney
    Just put in my deposit for an A4. 4-6 months build time.
  2. pheffernan
    Congrats! I canít believe that I was receiving my #34 five years ago this month. Did you make any special requests of Mike for the build?
  3. Dan Forney
    Dan Forney
    No - havenít talked details yet. Any specific recommendations?
  4. pheffernan
    One of the benefits of a custom build is the ability to specify your preferences for playability, such as nut width (traditional or wide), neck profile (V or U), and fretboard (flat or radiused). So if youíve sampled a number of mandolins and have one that just fits your left hand like an old pair of jeans, Iíd try to communicate those specs to the builder. Another consideration when working with Mike is whether youíd like to add a Virzi tone enhancer:

    I opted for a traditional 1-1/8Ē nut, V-shaped neck, radiused board, and the Virzi:

  5. Dan Forney
    Dan Forney
    Thanks. I'm leaning towards the wider nut and no virzi. I do want a radiused fingerboard though. Thanks for your input - I do love ordering a custom instrument.

    One question - do you find that you hit the tail end of the fingerboard when you are playing? Or is the sweet spot behind the fingerboard? I might ask him to scoop the peninsula to avoid that clicking you get if you hit the fingerboard.

  6. pheffernan
    I donít have that problem, but then I donít have the fretboard extension on my A2-z. Is there a reason why you opted for the A4?
  7. Dan Forney
    Dan Forney
    No reason. I guess I really don't understand the difference between an A2 and an A4. Reading the description they look pretty similar. BTW I like your Bright Days. Great tune.
  8. pheffernan
    The differences are largely aesthetic, including the fretboard extension. And that “Bright Days” is not mine, but Mike’s demo of the instrument before he shipped it to me five years ago nearly to the day.
  9. Dan Forney
    Dan Forney
    OK, thanks. Looking forward to talking to Mike - I'll no doubt post more when I get the mandolin!
  10. pheffernan
    Post more before then! We like a build update thread (see mine!).
  11. Dan Forney
    Dan Forney
    Ok, will do!
  12. Dan Forney
    Dan Forney
    Changed to an A2Z. Still haven’t talked details with Mike, I’m sure it won’t be long.
  13. pheffernan
    I hope the different fretboard extension eases your concerns. As for “long,” try to be patient. My build took a little longer than anticipated, but then I wanted Mike’s best work, not his fastest work.
  14. Dan Forney
    Dan Forney
    I agree 100%. I am not in a hurry.
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