The Carter Girls - an original hornpipe.

  1. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    This is a wee tune I wrote for two fiddle-playing friends, Liz and Chris, the Carter sisters. I added in a few accidentals/chromatic runs to give them a bit of a challenge with their fingering - much harder on fiddle than on mandolin, I reckon. They both claim to be enjoying learning the tune anyway!

  2. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    Oh what a sweet tune for the girls. Yes, I can see some challenges for them - but that's what makes it sound so good.
  3. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    Nice chromatics give the tune an almost bluesy feeling, sounds really good!
  4. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Hey John, thatís a great tune!
    Do you have words for it?
  5. Gelsenbury
    That's a very nice original tune! Will there be a fiddle recording?
  6. bbcee
    Really great, John, hats off to you!
    I can see where some of the run would be harder on fiddle (fiddlier, dare I say?). Good character-building stuff for them!

    +1 for the fiddle recording!
  7. Brian560
    What a nice sounding tune, and played perfectly
  8. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Thanks, everyone. At present no fiddle recording likely - we are prevented from making home visits under latest Covid legislation, but I will try to get something in due course. My own fiddle playing is very much for the house only; it's the lack of frets and that bow that gets me!

    No words, Simon. People often ask me why, as a retired English teacher, I do not write words but only melodies. I don't have an answer, really, other than just enjoying trying to write tunes.
  9. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Lovely tune John!
  10. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Thanks, Jill. Good to see you posting here again. It has been a while and we are missing your fine playing.
  11. Frithjof
    Thats a great hornpipe, John. I enjoyed your playing.
  12. gortnamona
    delightful John
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