Dear Tobacco/The Four-Poster Bed

  1. Gelsenbury
    Before my holiday, John and I worked together on another online collaboration. In the past few days, we've finished the mix. These tunes have been mentioned in this group before, but don't seem to have their own threads yet.

    As far as I know, Dear Tobacco is an English polka and The Four-Poster Bed a Scottish reel. They are both fun tunes. The knocking on wood in the second tune signifies the four posts of the bed. I think it was Martin who called it a tune with a sound effect!

    John played octave mandola and guitar, and I played mandolin and a few notes of Rauschpfeife. As usual, we recorded each track separately and sent them back and forth until we had enough for the final mix.

    The photos are of my holiday in the south of France! Take it as a postcard to the Song-a-Week group!
  2. Brian560
    Thanks for the postcard, it was very enjoyable !
  3. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    What a wonderful set of tunes! Original, entertaining, joyful, the exotic instrument too. Thanks.
  4. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    That is a fine video you have created to showcase our latest collaboration, Dennis. You have done a great job mixing the tracks too - and giving me a new tune in Dear Tobacco, and a new instrument in the Rauschpfeife. It has quite an individual voice, and blends well with our other instruments.
  5. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    The sound of that instrument reminds me of the different barrel organs we would hear at the parks in Germany when I was a kid.
  6. bbcee
    Wow, what a nice long-distance arrangement! Well done, you two, very enjoyable.
  7. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Huge distance, the whole of France and a big part of the UK.
    5 days total by bicycle (non stop).
    It’s like LA to Seattle.
  8. Frithjof
    I guess you both had a lot of fun with these tunes. Happy sound.
  9. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    This sounds great - worth all the back and forth. I think John and I are into year three now of collaborations. Yikes. I was so young back then. I love these two songs, very unique and well played.
  10. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Ha, what a funny set, with that medieval squawk-box and Four Knocks (gold the Federal Reserve can't provide)!
  11. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    Nice pictures from the south of France, and two tunes played with finesse!
  12. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Thanks for kind words, everyone. We had a lot of fun getting this one synchronised - partly because we began with slightly different notation for the Four-poster Bed, so some files flew back and forth, then Dennis was in France and then quarantined back here on his return. I managed to dodge the mixing and creation of the video on this one, so special thanks to Dennis for all his extra work.
  13. Gelsenbury
    I'm really pleased you all like it. They are fun tunes!
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