Sweet sounding 1999 M-11

  1. MrMoe
    Apologies. I may have overlooked protocol or shared this in the wrong place. I would like to join this group. My name is Maurice, I am another one of the thousands who`s life has been enriched by owning a Mid Missouri Mandolin.

    This very youthful band recently posted this song about the Big Muddy its self.
    (the Missouri River)

  2. Dave_KC
    There's no restriction to joining that I'm aware of, and you're welcome to join. Please do.
  3. Dave_KC
    I grew up in Missouri (although born in Kansas) and I really enjoy my two Big Muddy Mandolins. The later needed a crack fixed, and Mike Dulak, the owner of Big Muddy (and former Mid-Missouri) actually repaired for me. And it sounds great!
  4. MrMoe
    Thank you. Mr. Dulak certainly has an admirable philosophy.
  5. Dave_KC
    So do you have an M-11?
  6. MrMoe
    I have a M-2 and a M-16, and love them both. The M-11 featured in When Waters Rise belongs to my nephew.
  7. Dave_KC
    Nice! I have an M11vw and an M1. The M1 is the one Mike Dulak fixed for me.
  8. Dave_KC

    Seeing if I can get the pictures to post... not working great.
  9. MrMoe
    After posting this morning I got my M-2 out (after a bit of neglect), still in perfect tune right out of the case, and louder than ever.
    I am not familiar with the vw suffix. Is that very wide or is it the violin scale?

    here is another link to a song featuring an old Mid Missouri Mandolin. I believe this one is a M-0

  10. Dave_KC
    v is violin scale, so it's slightly shorter. I played violin through high school so I don't mind at all getting used to it.

    w is wide, so it's a bit wider for those of us who have fatter fingers (although mine aren't too big, I don't mind the wider scale.
  11. MrMoe
    Hats off to Violin and fiddle players, Mandolin too. Such delicate work. I really like the idea of a wider neck as I am a real klutz.
  12. Dave_KC

    I just got my Salvation Army Thrift Store mid-70's Guild 12 string back from being set up and repaired. Not cheap, but wow, it plays great.

    The wider neck is nice, and it's an interesting combination to have both the wider neck and the shorter scale.
  13. MrMoe
    I want to go thrift storing just ahead of you.
    I uploaded another track featuring a Mid Missouri Mandolin. It is a very cool version of Copper Head Road, preformed by Monkey Grip
  14. Dave_KC
    I'm grateful you didn't get there first!
  15. Dave_KC
    Very nice sounding instrument there!
  16. MrMoe
    Here is a YouTube of When Waters Rise. This may be a better link than Pandora. These are my Nephews and Niece
  17. MrMoe
    Another for Big Muddy fans. Caution...it is a bit of a teaser if you like the Beatles

  18. Dave_KC
    Very fun.
  19. MrMoe
    I agree, Although I need to have closure. I have had to play the Beatles quite a bit since watching this
  20. MrMoe
    Here is a Video version of the Steve Erale cover featuring a M-0 that Mr. Dulak made for this recording project. Our towns favorite music venue has been re-named in honor of the bass player.

  21. Dave_KC
    Thanks Again MrMoe... always fun to hear Big Muddy/Mid-Mo's played so well singing out that beautiful music.
  22. Sue Rieter
    Sue Rieter
    Hey Moe, that was a cool video. Loved the music and the photography. The M0 sounded great in there! I might have to check out the rest of this album.
  23. MrMoe
    It is a very good CD. I only have it digitally. I have made 3 of these slide shows in Honor of the band and Forrest Rose who was a good friend of Mr. Dulak. Most of the images are just snips from the web.


    Update, 07/22/2021 I ordered one.
  24. MrMoe
    The M11 shows in a post about about Aquila strings. I will put it here too for fans and people curious about Big Muddy and Mid Missouri Mandolin.
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