One Year with a Mandolin

  1. Old Man In
    Old Man In
    Well, it's been one year since I took delivery of my mando and what have I learned?
    First, having learned to tune it, hold it and get some kind of musical noise out of it Iv''e now got a few tunes under my belt that I'm not ashamed to perform in public. my ability to read music has increased tenfold and so has my learning by ear. I love the instrument, it's sound, it's feel in my hands and the way I can put light and shade into the tunes I play.
    On the downside. I bravely (foolishly?) decided to join in a high powered session at one of the major (UK) folk festivals and found out just how slow my playing was compared to what I thought it was. As a bit of an aside I met a visiting American player who said that "30 to 40 guys playing nearly non-stop very loudly and very fast with nobody seemingly in charge scared the cr*p out of him" So I wasn't alone. Speed is not a learning curve, it's a cliff face!
    Mostly, though, after a year I'm beginning to realise just how much I don't know but I find that with the continuing help and support of MC every day is learning day. Even if I don't post a lot, I read a lot here and the good humour and gentle wisdom to be found is a great solace to a newbie like me.
  2. HonketyHank
    I am still enjoying my newbieness after four or five years. I think a lot of folks have made faster progress than I have and I know I am not ready to play many (if any) tunes "up to speed". But that's OK. I am having a fun journey with friends here in MC-land. And especially here in Newbie-land.

    ps: I think learning new stuff is the real fountain of youth. I know I feel younger than most of my peers. It's gotta be the mando.
  3. SOMorris
    I am still enjoying my newbieness too! I am not learning to play the mandolin to please or impress anybody. I am doing it because I enjoy it. If I try playing with somebody a lot better/faster, and can't keep up, I will just stop and listen.
  4. MikeZito
    I am a lifetime newbie and have no problem accepting that fact. I love music and enjoy playing - and even if nobody ever stops to listen, I will continue to play for as long as I am physically capable, or until I take a permanent dirt bath . . . whichever comes first.

    Listen, learn, practice, play and enjoy!
  5. Ellsdemon
    I'm a life long member as well. I have only 8000 more hours to go before becoming a Master Mandolin player. As long as you keep at it, keep enjoying it at the same time, then there's nothing better in my mind.
  6. Swimbob
    I too feel like I will be a newbie the rest of my life. I've come to the conclusion that the only person I want to be better than is me. If I practice a little every day maybe I can reach that goal.
  7. skiboy1
    I am a little late to this discussion but don't check in too often and rarely comment but thought I would mention how much I appreciate a thread like this from time to time. I also still consider myself a beginner after 3 or 4 years and it is good to hear that others are feel the same. I continue to improve, I still enjoy it and if I miss playing my mandolin for a day or two I feel bad. It is relaxing, it keeps my brain busy, and I am enjoying playing with some friends and some folks I don't know. That is all good stuff!!

    I have had folks ask me on more than one occasion if I was a musician when they see me with my case. I used to say "nope, trying to learn to play". My wife would smack me and say "you play music, you are a musician!" She is correct and I have since changed my answer. "Yes, yes I am a musician....I am just not a very good one!" I still get the smack!

    Have never done the monthly tune but may just do that this month as I somewhat know Red Haired Boy. Thanks for this thread as well as the other informative threads!

  8. Don Roon
    Don Roon
    Yes, it's refreshing to read that others still consider themselves newbies even after 3 or 4 years....I look forward to still being a newbie in 4 or 5 years. I practice every day and the learning curve in front of me looks like a very tall one. Glad to hear I'm not alone. Maybe festivals should have a "Slow Zone" so us newbies can play at a nice slow pace and not feel over whelmed.... Thanks !!
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