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  1. Terry B
    Terry B
    I've been reading this form for several months so I guess it is time to identify myself. Newly retired banjo, guitar and bass player who now has some time on his hands and interested in purchasing and learning the mandolin. I have been playing these instruments since childhood but not a great deal while working and raising kids. Now I need a new adventure.

    Currently researching what instrument to purchase. I have read the General Discussion posts with particular interest in the entry level instruments evaluations. The dilemma as is often the case, do I purchase an inexpensive entry level instrument limiting cash outlay incase I don't continue or spend more in hopes of getting better and easier playability in a higher quality instrument. I know there is no right answer that fits everyone as there are numerous individual variables but that is where I am right now.

    I certainly enjoy the forms and get valuable information. Thanks to the form host for this opportunity.
  2. Tommcgtx
    Welcome! You don't necessarily have to sacrifice playability, etc. with an entry level instrument. As long as it's set up properly, you'll do fine. My fist mandolin was an Eastman 305 and I loved it. It was very easy to play and sounded wonderful.
  3. HonketyHank
    Since you mentioned that you have played other instruments for some time, I think you would actually save some money by skipping the "entry level" instruments and going directly to something in the Eastman or Kentucky line. As Tommcgtx mentions, though, a good setup is the key.

    And even if you have that setup done for you by the dealer or a decent luthier, I still recommend at least reading Rob Meldrum's free ebook on mandolin setup to learn what constitutes a "good" setup job and to learn lots of handy stuff about how a mandolin works and what you can do to take care of many problems without having to find a luthier.

    Welcome to the bunch. Mandolin is a fun instrument. I got so frustrated trying to re-learn how to play the banjo like I used to that I switched to mandolin and have been having a ball ever since. I even sold off my 5-strings (still have a tenor and a mandobanjo).
  4. MikeZito
    In my experience (and apparently a great many others here at the Cafe) - the Mandolin Store does excellent set-ups on any instrument that you buy from them . . . so, that might be a good place to start looking for a first instrument.

    Welcome, play, learn, enjoy and keep us updated.
  5. Terry B
    Terry B
    Thanks for your comments. Where do I find the above mentioned ebook? I should have mentioned in my message that I am looking at the Eastman 305 as an entry level instrument. It seems to get good reviews. I will be going to The Mandolin Store this weekend to check out instruments.
  6. SOMorris
    Welcome, Terry! Good to have you here.

    I have an Eastman from The Mandolin Store and recommend them. The Eastman can play a lot better than I can!
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