I'm in

  1. Jack Roberts
    Jack Roberts
    I play a Gibson A-5.
  2. MikeZito
    Okay - I am not 'in' in a formal sense, but until another beauty comes my way, I with the group in spirit.

    About a 20 years ago I owned a pair of two-point beauties. The first one was a mid-1920's Martin Style 20. My main mandolin at the time was a Rigel R-100 - the first white one they ever made. Both were great mandolins, but when financial hardship hit in 2005, they both had to go. So, although I can't say that I am currently a two-point guy, I hope to be back on board as soon as reasonably possible.
  3. MikeZito
    Okay - NOW it's 'official' - I'm a 2-point guy again! I found an (almost) affordable replacement for my old 1929 Martin Style 20, and it arrived today; (photo in the Gallery on the home page).
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