Anyone tried Band in a Box?

  1. Ellsdemon
    Hi All

    Hope you had a great restfull and playfull Thanksgiving. I have really been working on being able to play to any song or key. I was looking at Band in the Box after hearing and seeing Don Julin play Pentatonic Arpeggio's with a tune.

    I was either going to just look for songs on Youtube, and loop it or maybe looking into something like B.I.B.
  2. HonketyHank
    Haven't tried it. Is it something like Audacity?
  3. mandoweather
    Also...Have you looked at StrumMachine?
  4. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    BIB is analogous to Tabledit - and what I mean is that it has been around for a while, has a very large and loyal following and tons of resources you can use with it. Henry, it's a software for playing tracks and for making tracks, with some pretty sophisticated plugins that allow you to play back your own created backing tracks and those of others with a more realistic sound than the tabledit midi, for example.

    Pete Martin and many other folk here on the forum use it. I've never used it.

    I've used strummachine for two years, and I use ChordPulse.
  5. Ellsdemon
    I never heard of it either Hank until I took a lesson with Julin and he was using it for the class play alongs. I liked that I was able to understand chords and notes more. Anyways, I was looking at and wondering if it's beyond my tech knowledge and I was even going to use half the features like Mark was listing. I'm leaning on Youtube and looping right now.
  6. bbcee
    I used it years ago & liked it. I found it pretty straightforward to use.

    There's also iReal Pro, for Mac, iPhone/iPad & Android. Never used it but it looks similar, and I know some instructors really like it.

    Otto, it doesn't matter how many features you use or don't use, as long as it's getting what you need to done.
  7. Posterboy
    I have it, it's expensive and the interface is horrible but you can quickly create backing tracks, I tend to use it for practicing as I can change tempo easily, then once up to speed I record my own backing tracks. Others around use strum machine which might be of interest to you
  8. burnham
    I bought BIAB recently, agree the interface is 'unfriendly'. But I did find a nice cache of fiddle tunes for BIAB here: (there's a link towards the bottom of the page)

    I bought Pete Martin's improv book and hope to start working on that w/ BIAB.
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