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  1. soliver
    So it looks like the Silverangel Group hasn't been super active lately, but I wanted to post about my incoming SA Econo A. I had Ken imitate OldSausage's with a cedar top and Soft Maple back. I am having a K&K Mandolin Twin installed and gold hardware over Ken's "Old Violin" finish.

    Last update I received from Ken was that it was strung up in the white, and he was very very pleased with the power and tone.... I'm super excited.
  2. treidm

    Nut width?, neck profile?, flat or radius board?, if radius, how much?, fret type/size?, bone nut?, one piece back?, oil varnish or spirit varnish?

    Might as well post a good pic or two here also..
    , Reid
  3. GHall
    I bought my daughter a SA A-5 four years ago b/c I was so impressed w/the tone on OldSausage's mandolin. Hers is topped w/150yo Redwood, with the slightly distressed finish. She can really make that thing bark for a 13yo Can't go wrong with a Silverangel, and Ken is a great guy to work with! Congrats! Post a pic or video of you playing when you get her home!
  4. soliver
    It showed up today and its a monster of a little thing...

    This has been a relatively inactive group so I haven't been checking...

    Treidm, to answer your questions: It has a cedar top, soft maple sides and one piece back, 1 1/8 nut width, neck profile is a soft V (speed neck), radiused ebony fretboard (not sure what the radius is), I didn't give any input on the type or size of frets, but they look big and are nice and comfy. The nut appears to be plastic. It is oil varnish; polished to a satin finish over what he labeled the "old violin" finish.

    Planning to do a little video to post on the main forum hopefully sometime tomorrow....

    Check the build thread here:
  5. bbcee
    From one Econo owner to another: you'll never get tired of it! Ken's mandolins are unique, both sonically and aesthetically. Have a great time with your new friend.
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