MM Hard Case Interior Dimensions Please

  1. fifths
    Hi All, I'm sneaking in here as the owner of a couple of vintage Martin cant-tops.
    Martins don't fit properly in "standard" mandolin case, and chipboard cases of a certain age are pretty useless.
    It seems the Mid-Mo hard cases might fit these guys just right.
    If anyone has a couple of minutes, a measuring tape, and a lot of generosity, I would love to find out about the interior dimensions of MM's hard case.
    I would happily buy a new case or two from Mike if I can confirm the fit.
    Body length, width, depth,
    Neck box width, length, etc.
    thanks in advance.
  2. FatBear
    Here are my measurements of my Big Muddy case. Probably the same as the Big Mo cases. The lining of the case is kind of "furry" (faux fur, I suppose you'd call it.) There is no padding at the ends, so the only meaningful measurement is with the fur compressed.
    Length: 28-1/4"

    There is foam padding at the sides of the body, but not around the neck. So I'll measure to the uncompressed padding.
    Body Width: 9-1/4".

    The width at the tuners is about 5-1/2" and that widest part is about 2-3/4" to 3" down from the top end of the case.

    The narrowest part of the neck section is about 3-5/8" wide and is about 11" down from the top of the case.

    There is an accessory storage box between 8" and 12-1/2" down from the top of the case.

    The neck cradle is sort of v-shaped (under the faux fur) and is centered about 12" down from the top of the case.

    The body depth really has two parts: the bottom and the cover. Both are hard to measure sitting here at my desk, so they are pretty approximate.
    The bottom has some padding and the depth from the edge of the case is about 2-3/8" in the center of the body.

    The bottom is flat, the top has a slight arch.

    The top has a depth of about 1-3/16" (not including the rim overlap) and the overall depth available for the instrument with the top closed would be about 3-9/16" without compressing the foam.
    The top depth at the edge is about 13/16" and has no foam under the faux fur. This is actually a meaningful measurement if you use an armrest like I do.

    The handle appears to be solid, heavy molded plastic. Hard to picture it breaking, though it's hard to tell about the attaching hardware. Mine is fine after 7 years of almost daily play and semi-annual 1100 mile move. Plus I think a few years in the dealers' back room because nothing was selling during the big recession before I bought it.

    I don't think it is the most high-end of hard cases, but it is robust and serviceable as long as you don't fly with it as checked luggage. If it's the only hard case that will fit, I think you will find it a much better choice than a soft case. I've never had any reason to complain. I have a similar TKL case for a different mandolin and don't find it to be that much better.
  3. fifths
    Thank you for this torrent of information, I am warming up the measuring tape!

    OKAY I'm seems like a really good fit, with maybe a little more neck than a Martin needs..thanks again
  4. FatBear
    It's more neck than a Big Muddy needs, too.
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