New Pick Discovery

  1. Ellsdemon
    Hey Everyone:

    Thought I pass along my experience so far with Hawk Picks out of the UK. I'm a huge BlueChip user (my fav being the CT 55), in fact I have a hard time not using one. But, the problem with BC are the price tags. One pick costing over $40 with shipping is a hard sell to my wife.

    Either I'm getting older or I just simply can't remember where I learned about Hawk Picks but I'm super glad I did. Like I said, they are out of the UK and I was able to buy one chip, the SIMON BRADY Signature Pick, that is for mandolin. With shipping, the cost was $14.

    So the story gets better. I was excited to finally see the package arrive roughly about 2 weeks after my order. Ripped open the package and noticed that the pick broke during shipping. Not much, just the corner and was still very usable but odd to hold. So I sent an email out to HP and got a reply the next day! They apologized and said a new one was on its way! And I didn't even asked for a new one, just to see if there was a way to fix it (which I new was a long shot) I even offered to cover shipping cost, and I was told no thank you and it was on its way. So, customer service was on point.

    Now the big question, how's it play. Just like most of us here, my ears are not Mozart so I couldn't tell you the finer details, but when I pick up one of the picks blindly, I can't tell them apart. And that's with the pick "broken". The texture is similar but BC still has that tacky feel to me and "seems" to stay in place in my fingers. BC CT 55 is a bit thicker but not by much.

    Anyways, wanted to pass my great experience so far with Hawk Picks and I might have found a replacement for my expensive BC's.
  2. Radish
    Nice one! I like the BC CT 55 as well, so this looks like a pick I would enjoy playing with too. And closer to home for me as well.
  3. sportsnapper
    Great info - just started using a primetone, and really like them. I may see about getting on e of these to try out as well....
  4. HonketyHank
    A pick collection without a BC is an itch unscratched.
  5. Guitfiddle Mike
    Guitfiddle Mike
    I just finished taking advantage of "The Traveling Pick Sampler II" and i learned that i prefer the Wegen Bluegrass White and Primetone Sculpted 1.3 teardrop shaped picks even over the BC CT- 55 that was IN there. I just seem to have a time coaxing any volume out of it or many of the rounded picks. The Blue-chip did glide effortlessly through the strings.
  6. Kevin Stueve
    Kevin Stueve
    I cannot bring myself to believe that a 40 dollar pick is worth it. I'm pretty happy with my primetone 1.3s . although I will try the scuplted version next time I buy picks. The director of the Mandolin orchestra was a sales program for toneguards, thomastik strings and blue chip picks last weekend. Not interested. Now if soliver would build me an armrest ...
  7. HonketyHank
    Kevin, one of my mandolins arrived with thomastik strings on it. I was kind of disappointed with the tone quality of that mandolin until, on a whim, I changed to Elixer nanowebs. Now it may be my favorite. Huge difference. I will be curious to see what it sounds like when I eventually change out the Elixers, probably to EJ74's. The Thomastiks were very dark and somewhat muddy sounding. I don't know how old they were. Maybe they were over the hill. But I am not tempted to try another set of Thomastiks.
  8. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    Mike, I have one of the Wegen white triangles and I use it daily, it's been my go-to "dark sounding" pick for awhile, I think it may be a 1.2 mm. I use that one and I use a JTPix (thinner but stiff, and pointy, triangle) for a brighter tone. Love 'em both.

    When I first got the pick sampler (a long time ago, LOL) I felt as you did about the Blue Chips. The second time I got the other, newer sampler #2 a year or more had passed and I felt differently about the BC - I preferred it over others in the sampler (that sampler introduced me to the JTPix which are now some of my favorites). But for me the BC is not a "must have" - I liked it so much on that second trying that I probably will get one some day, but it's way, way, way down low on my priority list.
  9. Guitfiddle Mike
    Guitfiddle Mike
    There is a Blue Chip TD50 in the classifieds right now. I tried to contact him about buying it....I know, I know.....but haven't heard from him.
  10. Kevin Stueve
    Kevin Stueve
    My son gave me a gift certificate to Mass Street Music for Christmas. I finally made it to lawrence ks. (If you aren't from big 12 country you won't appreciate how difficult it is for a K-State Alum to go the town of KU). So I got a lakota strap and then I bought some picks. I looked at the stp60 blue chip that my director uses but just couldn't pull the trigger. Found some dunlap primetone 1.5mm small triangles (same shape and size as the stp60 bc) and some white weggen TF140's. I thought I was pretty happy with my dunlap primetone large triangles (same size and shape as the weggen or a TAD BC). But I have to say like both of these that I bought better. The weggen is much brighter the small triangle primetone makes me hold the pick more "correctly" I like its darker tone. Time will tell I may still end up eventually buyinga 35 dollar pick but not yet.

    As for the strap, if you don't have a lakota mandolin strap you should have.
  11. Chris Bowsman
    Chris Bowsman
    I'm keeping my eyes peeled for one of those Hawk picks, but I bet I'll wind up passing it along. From what I hear, they're similar to Red Bear. Had two of those, ended up trading them for an I-Tone (awesome), and a TAD80, which is way too thick for me, but my dad likes it.

    Mark, I'm glad you like those JT Pix so much. If I ever run into the maker, I'm going to see if he can make them thicker.
  12. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    Thanks for snagging a batch for me, Chris. I've since ordered enough to keep in all my cases. I have a handful of picks I like to keep in the rotation, and JTPix is one.
  13. sportsnapper
    My new Hawk pic arrived today :-)

    It's a bit bigger than the primetone that I'm using at the moment, and a little bigger. Not sure about it yet, but only had 20 mins to play around with it today. The only disappointing thing is that it took a week to be shipped to me - and I'm in the UK!
    Love the colour finish though :-)
  14. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    Looks cool!
  15. OneChordTrick
    Thanks for showing it side by side with a Primetone which is my preferred pick at the moment but I find a little small.

    Convinced me to order one too!

    Perhaps the slow delivery is due to the fact that they're hand made? They might not carry a huge stock.
  16. sportsnapper
    At the moment I'm still preferring the primetone - though I didn't order the Hawk with either of the L/hand or r/hand
    bevels, which may have been a mistake. I'm back using the primetone for today's recordings and practice -also find the Hawk a little slippery.
  17. OneChordTrick
    Mine arrived today

    The Hawk doesn't have such a rough surface as the Primetone but that's not a problem for me. I've only used it for a few minutes but I definitely prefer it. The larger size is better for my "technique" such as it is, I get less pick noise and I think I prefer the sound but that may be "Emperor's New Clothes Syndrome"!
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