Heads up on Bluegrass Mandolin lesson deals

  1. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    Just a heads up for those interested in BLUEGRASS mandolin techniques and tunes.

    Homespun is offering the Butch Baldassari 2-CD set (in the instant download format) for $17.48; if interested, use the code FEBMUSIC at checkout here: https://www.homespun.com/shop/produc...n-two-dvd-set/
    * Today is the last day for that one according to the Homespun newsletter.

    Also, Brad Laird is offering 35% off any and all his download materials through Feb 25. The code to use at checkout is SAVE35TODAY and the store is here: https://payhip.com/bradleylaird

    Sometimes I announce these things in Newbies group for the benefit of those who do not receive these newsletters. When you get on these mailing lists, you can get some really good deals on stuff that piques your interest to use now or later - you can amass a lifetime of study materials on the cheap in just a year or two that way.

    I do not benefit financially from hawking Homespun or Bradley Laird materials. PSA only.
  2. Guitfiddle Mike
    Guitfiddle Mike
    Thanks Mark, I want to pick up a few of these but can't decide which ones.
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