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  1. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    There has been no bottleneck playing for a long time so here is a Mississippi Fred McDowell classic in GDGD tuning.
  2. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Try again
  3. Brian560
    Maudlin, that's good stuff. I haven't heard bottleneck mandolin before
  4. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    I always wondered what playing style resonator mandolins were made for. This is it. You must try that on a RM-1.
  5. Frithjof
    Authentic feeling, strong right hand finger picking and nice vibrato. Next time set the cam on monochrome modus, please.
  6. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    What a novel use of a mandolin, maudlin. I love the sound and the tuning which gives you those bar chords. Lyrics sound pretty good too! Just off now to retune a mando.
  7. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    That's just too cool. You got the Mississippi Fred McDowell groove goin' on there, great stuff!
  8. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    I second Frith's monochrome idea - tinted in light sepia would be exactly right.
  9. gortnamona
    thats fantastic Maudlin, it put a big smile on my face, brilliant.
  10. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    That's really good Maudlin - the bottleneck works surprisingly well on the mandolin.

    I can't offer anything with mandolin content but I have previously recorded this on guitar. Probably the most interesting thing about my version is that it's played on a classical guitar that I bought for 10 from a car boot sale - seemed to be in the spirit of the blues.

  11. JL277z
    Maudlin and James, awesome!
  12. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Great blues sound, James. You should get together with MM and form a duo. Maudlin is such a great name too for a bluesman!
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