Week #451 ~ Angels We Have Heard on High

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Another week before Christmas, another Christmas song!

    This week's winner is Angels We Have Heard on High.

    This You Tube Video is a complete album.... I'm linking for your listening pleasure!

  2. crisscross
    I already prepared this song, because I wanted to record it anyway and it is one of my favorite Christmas tunes.
    It's originally from France and called "Les anges dans nos campagnes", so I played the first verse in French and switched to English in verse two.
    Once again: bowlback mandolin and ukulele...
  3. JL277z
    A perfect holiday version, crisscross, nice and mellow and relaxing.
  4. dustyamps
    Happy Holidays to everyone.
  5. crisscross
    Thanks JL277z and very nice version, dustyamps!
  6. Jairo Ramos Parra
    Jairo Ramos Parra
    This is an arrangement for three mandolins from Jay Buckey's Mandolin Christmas Book.

  7. crisscross
    Sounds great Dave! May I ask, who built the tenor guitar?
    Nice arrangement, nicely played, Jairo!
  8. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    My tenor guitar was built by Jamie Dougan at Fletcher Instruments. Wonderful instrument.

  9. JL277z
    Jairo, David, and Dustyamps, all very enjoyable versions!
  10. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin
    The tune people are using for this carol is known as "Iris" and is apparently traditional Flemish. In England we sing "Angels from the Realms of Glory" to this tune and "Angels we have Heard on High" has a different tune called Regent Square which is not nearly as good.
    The refrain of Angels from the Realms of Glory is "Come and Worship Christ the Newborn King" but i have sung it on occasion with the "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" refrain.
  11. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Here it is. I have to confess that when I remembered singing Gloria in Excelsis Deo it was not a carol at all but from Vivaldi's Gloria which we sang at school each year.
  12. JL277z
    maudlin, sounds cool! I love those slides! Thanks for the song origins info too.

    My try.

    (or direct link)
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