Week #443 ~ Calla's Waltz

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is Calla's Waltz, which was submitted as a tune by Jed Marum.

    This may be one we have to learn by ear.... it's good training!
  2. OldSausage
    I believe the chords go like this:

    A Part
    |: A / / | A / / | D / / | A / / | D / / | A / / | B / / | E / / |
    A / / | A / / | D / / | A / / | D / / | A / / | E / / | A7 / / |

    B Part
    D / / | D / / | A / / | A / / | D / / | D / / | E / / | E / / |
    A / / | A / / | D / / | A / / | D / / | A / / | E / / | A / / |

    C Part
    D / / | E*/ / | D / / | A / / | D / / | E* / / | D / / :|

    The E with an asterisk is an E chord with a D in the bass, which gives it that floaty sound. In the version above they walk down the bass in the C part, which gives these alternate chords for that part:

    D / / | C#m / / | Bm / / | A / / | D / / | C#m / / | Bm / / | A / / |

    And then after the mandolin break they do some extra stuff - the C Part becomes:

    D / / | C#m / / | Bm / / | A / / | D / / | C#m / / | Bm / / | E / / |
    D / / | C#m / / | Bm / / | A / / | D / / | A / / | Bm / / | E / / |
    A / / | A (G# bass) / / | A (F# bass) / / | E / /

    Note how at the end of each verse it goes back to the start one bar early - except at the end of course where it resolves to the A.

    In the version below they don't do that, and it's more straightforward:

  3. luurtie
    That's very helpful David. The only change I would make is the B-chord in the A-Part. I believe it should be a Bm chord.
  4. luurtie
    Here's my first attempt

    and in case it doesn't work, here is my soundcloudlink

  5. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Here's my solo version..... nothing fancy! I'm guilty of something I try not to do.... post a video without tuning my mando.... sorry!

  6. luurtie
    Without any notation? I knew you could do it Barbara. Excellent playing!

    B.t.w. do you have any idea how I can get my mp3 attachement in some sort of small mediaplayer? I'm almost sure it was possible in the past..
  7. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Luurtie, thanks! I can't answer your question about posting, but if you send a private message to Scott Tichenor, I'm sure he can help you!
  8. luurtie
    I decided to use Soundcloud Barbara. Making a proper video takes too much time while soundcloud is fast and simple to use.
  9. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Excellent versions by Barbara & Hendrik, I practiced to both of your videos.

    I am not a banjo player but I have one & apparently I'm not afraid to use one.
    I had problems with the C part not really having a melody so I used some different chords for a turn around. Thanks to OS for the rest of the chords. I made a video for the tune but I was actually drooling while I was playing the banjo, something I do when a tune is difficult for me, so I opted for calla lilies as a more pleasing pictorial.

  10. luurtie
    Nice recording David, you play the banjo very well too. B.t.w. why should you make a video all the time? A good audiorecording is enough for me..
  11. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas

    Using the built-in MP3 player on the Cafe is easy. Upload your MP3 as attachment to any message on the main forum (i.e. not in this group), then you can imbed it in any message, including here in the group, by using the "MP3" and "/MP3" tags (in square brackets). As you know, we have a thread here just for the purpose of uploading MP3s for this group, so I can use your recording of Calla's Waltz as an example:

    The player got changed a while ago from the old Flash-based on to a new HTML5 player, so it looks different from how it used to, and as the embedding code has changed, all old posts with embedded player are now broken and would need to be updated for the new tag syntax.


    PS: Great playing, Hendrik! I will have to figure our the notation of this one first.
  12. OldSausage
    Great versions there from Hendrik, Barbara and David. David's banjo inspired me to chance the 5 string on the end of this one, and the tune does sit very comfortably on one:

  13. luurtie
    I'm still shaking David.. that was just so beautiful. All those nice ornaments. Thanks! And thanks Martin, using mp3 attachments this way is a good thing for this group. Why don't we use it more often? I changed my post in this thread to show you I got it!
  14. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    That was really exceptional David, I love the mandolin variations the most but the banjo is not so bad either.
  15. OldSausage
    Thanks very much Hendrik and David
  16. Kay Kirkpatrick
    Kay Kirkpatrick
    This is such a lovely waltz; thanks posting these renditions. Barbara, thank you for playing just the single melody... yours is the one I'll use to learn this tune.

    Luurtie, there may be some setting missing on my computer (I do have tech challenges) but I can't get your mp3 to play.
  17. luurtie
    Hallo Kay, I added my soundcloud link in my earlier post.
  18. Kay Kirkpatrick
    Kay Kirkpatrick
    Got it now, thanks. That's a smooth and lovely version, as usual.
  19. OldSausage
    I notice that Jed Marum was kind enough to stop by all our Youtube pages and leave nice comments - what a nice guy
  20. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I just noticed that, too! Guess he's ok with us posting his tune!
  21. Bob Michel
    Bob Michel
    That’s a particularly nice bunch of distinct versions, each with its own appealing style. It’s a bit intimidating to jump in at this stage, in fact; I hope my thefts aren’t too obvious.

    I did want to record something this week, to celebrate the return of my newly repaired Guild D-40, my favorite guitar for accompaniment, which has been out of action for some years. It’s used on one back-up track; the other is a Kiwaya soprano uke. The random blasts of tambourine toward the end are actually my dog shaking.

    Bob Michel
    Near Philly
  22. JL277z
    These versions are all fabulous! I especially like the counterpoint (is that the right word? anyway, the harmony) in Bob Michel's version. Nicely done, all!

    Martin, thanks for the info on how to post mp3's, that is very useful to know! I might try that sometime.
  23. OldSausage
    Good work, Bob.
  24. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    That was really nicely done, Bob, you should have posted first, that way I could have stolen from you.
  25. Frithjof
    Standing ovation for all submissions and first of all for Jed Marum. I had a fine time this week listening to this beautiful waltz again and again.

    Iím not that skillful in playing by ear. I only try and play the first phrase as long as I find more time to figure out the whole thing. The chords will give a good orientation. Thanks, OS.
  26. Al Trujillo
    Al Trujillo
    Beautiful song...and well played by all of you. Anyone have a TAB for this waltz?
  27. Al Trujillo
    Al Trujillo
    Beautiful song...and well played by all of you. Anyone have a TAB for this waltz?
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