Week #423 ~ Roundtown Girls

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I'm a day late in posting the winner; there's still a tie, so I'll just pick one! This week's winner is Roundtown Girl, which was submitted as an Old Time tune in the key of G. I'm not familiar with this tune! I'm having to dig a bit for things to link to.... if you have any, please do! Here's what I found.... oh I SEE... I found this about Buffalo Gals, which is also called Round Town Girls, Round Town Gals and Midnight Serenade.

    I found this in Fiddler's Companion (click link to read more than I could post here!)
    As I was walking down the street,
    Down the street, down the street;
    A pretty little girl I chanced to meet,
    Oh, she was fair to see.
    I asked her if she would have some talk,
    Have some talk, have some talk;
    Her feet covered up the whole sidewalk,
    As she stood close to me.
    I Asked her would she have a dance,
    Have a dance, have a dance;
    I thought that I might get a chance
    To shake a foot with her.
    I'd like to make that gal my wife,
    Gal my wife, gal my wife;
    I would be happy all my life,
    If I had her by my side.
    Buffalo gals, ain't you comin' out tonight,
    Ain't you comin' out tonight, ain't you comin' out tonight;
    Buffalo gals, ain't you comin' out tonight
    And dance by the light of the moon. (Ford).

    T:Buffalo Gals
    S:Shaw – Cowboy Dances
    Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion
    z2 zC|FG AB|dc A2|cB G2|dc A3C|FG AB|dc A>f|ec BG|F3z||
    f/f/e dc/c/|d/cB/ A2|c/BA/ G2|d/cB/ A2|f/f/e dc/c/ d/cB/ A>f|ec/c/ BG/G/|F3 z||

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