Case for my new Morris A-style

  1. Sakamichi
    I just got mine today directly from Sonny's hands to mine. Can someone give me a case recommendation? I have a case that fits my Ibanez 510 like a glove, but my beautiful Morris is about 1" narrower than my 510 and it is too loose for the case. What do y'all recommend?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Frankdolin
    Hi Sakamichi and congrats on you Morris, you'll never regret it! I use an f-style travelite oblog semi hard case and the Morris is loose but some padding fixes that. I suspect that these mandos may be a loose fit in any standard case. Just keep playing all the time and you won't need a case. Enjoy and welcome to the club.
  3. Sakamichi
    Frankdolin—thanks for tip on the case. I ended up taking a chance on a TKL arch-top A-stryle case and my Morris fits perfectly snug inside. I especially like the low profile of the TKL case.
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