Strings for an MT Mandola?

  1. Ray(T)
    Hi, I'm completely new to Collings instruments (Santa Cruz guitars, Clark GBOM and Gibson/Kimble/Holoubek mandolins).

    My new MT mandola arrived a couple of weeks ago and for around half that time has been in dire need of new strings. What are people using?

    I'm aware that the originals are D'Addario and I've a set to put on when I get back from a trip into Europe for the rest of this week. I was thinking Elixir but they don't seem to make a set with suitable gauges. I've ordered some Newtones, which I use on the GBOM, - the factory is 20 miles down the road from me - and I'll report back when I've tried them.
  2. Mandobar
    I use the Curt Mangan mandola set and swap out the A string for a 14.
  3. Ray(T)
    Thanks for the response. Those are difficult to find in the UK although Amazon does have one set in stock and they are nearly twice the price I've been paying for custom sets of Newtones.
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