Week #408 ~ Walking in Jerusalem Just Like John

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This weeks run-away winner is Walking in Jerusalem Just Like John, which was submitted as an OT/BG tune. It seems to also be classified as a 'negro spiritual'...

    Here's a link to the lyrics as Bill Monroe sang it

    Here's a link to lyrics as Jason Eady did it.

    Here's a link to hymnary.com, with lyrics, and it also has standard notation, as if you were singing a hymn.

    This is a link to 8notes.com, with notation and lyrics.

    Here are some videos....

    I love me some Marty Stuart!

    I love me some Ricky Skaggs, too!

    I found several videos, where the musicians just held their instruments, and did the song all vocal!
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