1. tortuga
    Great photos of the catalog ads. Where do you find most of your info on vintage instruments? Do you have anything on The Vernon? Thanks.
  2. MikeEdgerton
    Years of buying and selling, being an old guy, and reading every book I could find. shows Vernon as a Regal brand name.The Vernon brand name was owned by Bruno. Bruno was a distributor based in New York City. They didn't build anything, they had people like Regal build them for them. You could have four mandolins marked The Vernon that were built by four different companies. As this group goes forward you might see some Bruno pages pop up.
  3. Jim Garber
    Jim Garber
    This is a good idea. Can we link to existing posts?
  4. Amandalyn
    Hi, just joined- I have a few pics to add to the gallery,
  5. Amandalyn
    Just added a pic- Cowboy Band w/mando's, if you don't think it belongs here, I'll delete it.
  6. MikeEdgerton
    Yes, you can link images from existing posts.

    We'll add vintage images as well to the description. Great idea.
  7. bluesmandolinman
    i posted a few pics, very good idea to create this social group, i love those old catalogs and hope to see plenty more
  8. JeffD
    Great stuff!
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