Fiddlers Green M.B. mando

  1. GreenMTBoy
    I am looking at this Mike Black A2Z Mandolin

    Mike Black replica of a Gibson A2Z, Maple back and sides, Spruce top, James style tailpiece, very clean condition. A great sounding and playing mandolin.
    Looks like a nice one ,I need a push !somebody please convince me I need this !
  2. pheffernan
    Well, that depends. Do you like mandolins with the vibe of a 96 year old Gibson factory instrument only with the flawless construction of a meticulous modern independent builder?
  3. GreenMTBoy
    That's what I want to hear ,Thank you
  4. pheffernan
    I'm pretty sure that the instrument in question once belonged to Cafe member, and moderator of this social group, Nick Gellie. Perhaps Nick will stumble into this discussion, or you might consider reaching out to him with a PM.
  5. GKWilson
    I don't know where you can find an A2 of that quality, for that price, anywhere.
    I thought the A2 that I had was easier playing, louder, and I liked the sound better than
    the 'named' A's I've tried that cost twice as much.
  6. GreenMTBoy
    Oh Boy !,Just bit the bullet ,Proud new owner of Mike Black A2Z Mandolin.
    Thank y'all for the help pushing me off the fence . ETA 1/19-20 going to be a long wait .
  7. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Awesome, congrats!
  8. pheffernan
    My enabling work here is done.
  9. GreenMTBoy
    I was looking to buy a 20's Gibson A and they are great ,but this one at this price just kind of made more sense .
    Thanks again
  10. pheffernan
    It needn't be an either/or situation. There is a charm to owning both a vintage instrument and a modern reproduction. But yes, I commissioned Mike to build me a new mandolin even after I rescued my Gibson snakehead because I was attracted to the modern playability features (radiused board, larger EVO frets, etc.) as well as the reduced required maintenance. Besides, I couldn't find another blackface A2-z as hard as I looked.
  11. GreenMTBoy
    With my present budget it was a either or situation ! work is slow in the Winter for me .
    I'm still in the hunt for a vintage A, but it will have to wait just a bit.
  12. pheffernan
    Did you have a chance to discuss the A2-z with Ben Hodges at Fiddler's Green? Ben is a fantastic player and I'd be curious to hear his take on Black mandolins.
  13. GreenMTBoy
    My talk with ben was short .Ben said it is a really nice mando and that he really liked it and it sounds great! He didn't have to convince me ,I was convinced before I talked with him that she was coming home with me .I talked a little with Mike Black and his words were that it is a really Good One
  14. Teak
    Well I sure like my blonde. I take her out for a spin every day! (A2z #35)
  15. GreenMTBoy
    Any opinion as to what strings make this mandolin sing the best ? I know ,I know ,not the string question again .....
    just thought I would ask
  16. pheffernan
    I'm pretty sure that Mike typically installs D'Addario EJ74's from the bench, although I do recall him being curious about the GHS 275 Americana series. A lot of players, like Marla Fibish, prefer the .016 gauge A strings found in GHS sets like the A270 mediums or even the A260 medium lights on Gibson style ovals. Others, such as Pete Martin, favor the tone of Gibson Sam Bush monels if you can find them. The one I'd like to try is the new set of Mangans that are monels but in the gauges of EJ74's:
  17. GreenMTBoy
    Thanks ,the D'Addario J75's also have a.016 A string in the set ,I have my Girouard strung up with them now ,before that I had a set of Curt Mangan PB String that Max had recommended.
  18. pheffernan
    The D'Addario EXP74CM's have the same .016 A string in the set (and .0115 E string) if you like coated strings.
  19. GreenMTBoy
    The new to me Black A2Z came today from Fiddlers Green ,packing was first class ,in a big UKE box the TKL case was surrounded in foam pellets and bubble wrap .I was patient and waited a few hours for it to come up to room temperature.......tick tick tick !
    Opened the case inside the bridge was covered in bubble wrap,the headstock was totally wrapped in bubble wrap .
    First impression OMG it beautiful !The Engelmann spruce top is gorgeous ,tight grained Blond honey colored Wow its nice, beautiful brown striped Maple back ,neck and sides...Nice ,Nice Nice .Tuned her up and she came to life ,nice even volume across the strings ,and Loud ,this girl is Loud beautiful deep rich kind of a mellow tone .I have never had a A before or played one .I want to tell you ,I'm pleasantly surprised..... I'm in Love ,The serial #is 20137-20 so I going to take a guess does that it means July of 2013 Mike's 20th mandolin ? Got to go
  20. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Awesome. Glad you're enjoying it! As far as the serial number, I don't know about the date, but I know that yours is #20. This thread has a description of most of Mikes mandolins to go along with their numbers. And there is also a picture of #20 in there:

    Mike Black #'s
  21. GreenMTBoy
    Thanks Matt for that info .
  22. Mike Black
    Mike Black
    You are correct, the serial numbers are listed year/month - # of the instrument.
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