Most Sought After Gibson of All?

  1. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    I just thought I'd try this one. Since this is a Gibson owners social group maybe it is the place for it. Of all Gibson insturments vintage and new which would you most like to have as your own? You can include any genuine Gibson of any type, e.g., mandolin, banjo, guitar whatever.... And if you already own a Gibson F-5 signed Loar then it is obviously something you aspire to so list it.

    This is your personal wish list so you do not have to defend any wish and they don't have to be the most expensive models either. I suggest keeping the list to your top 10 - 15 but you are your own master on that:

    Here are mine:

    1. 2000's Derrington-signed Gibson F-5 DMM;
    2. 1936 -1940 Gibson Advanced Jumbo flattop guitar;
    3. post 1921 Gibson F-4 mandolin;
    4. post 1921 Gibson H-4 mandola;
    5. post 1921 Gibson K-4 mandocello;
    6. 1927 Gibson TG-1 tenor guitar;
    7. 1929 Gibson Granada mastertone tenor banjo;
    8. 1954 Gibson EM-200 Florentine Electric mandolin;
    9. 1952 Gibson SJ-200 flattop guitar;
    10. 1934 - 1940 Gibson Super 400 archtop guitar;
    11. 1962 Gibson Dove flattop guitar;
    12. 1925 Gibson L-5 archtop guitar (the year they added gold hardware).

    If I had these I would not have ANY acquisiton syndroms except maybe for a Gibson Les Paul..........or an H-5 and a K-5...or I would also like a Sam Bush F-5 with the wide nut and it might be fun to have an original F-7 or F-10 to see how they compare.
  2. 300win
    Since I've recently aquired the mandolin of my dreams which is just the lowly Gibson F-5 Jam-Master, I do not wish for any other mandolin, this one does it all in spades. Other than that I would not mind having Don Reno's "Old Nelly" Gibson mastertone. To me that is the best sounding 5-string banjer that was ever made. Would not mind having the best guitar I ever held in my hands. It was a pre-war D-18 Martin that looked like it had been at the battle of Gettyburg, but OH MAN, what a guitar !!!!!
  3. evanreilly
    I wanna Loar-signed L-5!
  4. woodwizard
    Hmmm... wish list. let's see...
    1. For sure a signed Loar F5 with side binding.
    2. The one and only signed Loar A5
    3. A Loar era F4
    4. An A2Z
    5. A nice F4 3pt w/Handel buttons.
    6. An A3 (white face) always wanted one of em
    7. A nice teens A4 (already got it)
    8. A Derrington signed F5 MM
    9. A Ricky Skaggs F5 DMM
    It might be hard but I think I could be happy with these nine or...
    10. counting my Gibson Goldrush (I kinda like it)
  5. Marty Henrickson
    Marty Henrickson
    1) F-5 Loar from 7/9/23
    2) An original L-5
    3) The mandola to complete the Loar family
    4) An old snakehead A-5 with authentic "mojo"
    5) A distressed Master Model
    6) A natural-finish Jam Master F-Model with black binding that I played in Nashville a month ago
    7) I can't remember the model #, but an original "Robert Johnson" guitar (L-OO?)
    8) A vintage Les Paul 'burst

    I'm very happy with my JM, but these would nicely round out my collection.
  6. jim_n_virginia
    Without hesitation I wish I could have been able to afford Big Joe's DMM "Brutus" when he sold it to finance his store. It was the best sounding and easiest playing mandolin I had ever played in my life and I have played many!

    Also on my list would be the Loar Herschel Sizemore has or had for sale. When I was studying with him he always had a couple of Loars around (he has FOUR of them!) and I got to pick on a few of them and that red Loar he has that I think used to belong to Red Henry has an awesome chop and tone. Anybody got $225K to loan me?

    And also I guess I would want a Derrington signed DMM one day.

    I think pretty much I have the best mandolin I am going to get in this lifetime unless I stumble on a big suitcase full of cash!

    I have a Fern that has an usually thin finish on it that I bought from Hershel that I have had personalized for my tastes, scoop extention with inlaid silver wire where the frets were, stainless steel banjo frets and perfect set up for my way of playing (very heavy handed) by Ward Elliott.

    It is more mandolin than I deserve and I am grateful to own it.

    Well thats pretty much my list!
  7. GTison
    I own an '02 Fern. I like it just fine. There are ALWAYS better mandolins however. My wish list is as follows.

    1. A side bound Loar.
    2. A late 20's fern F5.
    3. A good sounding, playing F-9 (as a 4th knock around mandolin)
    4. A Gil, Dude, or Monte.
    5. Snake head.
    6. A good F4 or F2.
    7. A modern Master Model, model (UN-SCOOPED).
  8. JCline
    A 1923 distressed F5 Loar exactly Like the One Kevin Lynch has for Sale, only I can't sell my House in order to pay for it
    A 1994 or any Weber Signed F5L at least I know I can pay for that ...
  9. JCline
    By the way , Did you fellahs realize the implications of insurance costs surrounding all the great vintage Gibson Instruments you and myself are all wishing for here ?
  10. Mando-Mauler
    Friend GTison obviously has refined taste:- I have three of his seven nominated favourites...i) 1914 Blackface F2, the only one I have ever seen with Ivoroid purfling top and bottom, ii) 1923 Snakehead A4 & OHSC, iii) Gilchrist No. 67 that Steve made for me way back in 1979, when we both had more tread on the tyres. Can't argue with the Side- bound Loar or the late 20's Fern either, both wonderful mandos... but my ultimate Dream Machine would have to be... one of the new Gibson Victoria models - WOW - gimmee gimmee gimmee.
  11. mandolinken
    I have my Fern and there is only 1 other mandolin that I would want......Bill Monroe's....I would play the hell out of it.
  12. mee
    well my dad always said if you are going to wish, wish big I am very happy with what I have, but if a good playable Loar era fell in my lap I would not be unhappy
  13. Golman8
    I have been very fortunate in finding Gibson instruments. I have a 1923 A2Z Snake Head, a 1962 J-50 flat top, and a 2002 F-5L Fern. I paid $179.00 for the Snake Head and $200.00 for the J-50, and a bit more for the Fern. I got the Snake Head 10 years ago and the J-50 about 25 years ago. I just got the Fern. I love them all and they are much better instruments than I will ever be a player. I am kind of looking for a tenor banjo to round out my herd. G.B.
  14. DataNick

    Just saw your thread so I'm going to play:

    1. 2000's Derrington-signed Gibson F-5 DMM
    2. A "good" signed or unsigned Loar
    3. Jam Master F model
    4. Loar era Snakehead
    5. Loar era H5 mandola
    6. Pre-war Mastertone 5-string banjo
    7. Derrington era A5L
    8. Derrington era Flatiron F5 Artist (uncommon xbraced Loar spec mandolins)
    9. Harvey era F5G
    10. My own 94' F5L Fern
  15. T.D.Nydn
    Here my list of unaqiured gibsons,,1. Orville Gibson lyre mandolin.. 2. Signed Loar....3. Loar A5 with Loar case....4.Loar signed guitar....5. Orville F4 , 3 point with the works...6.tree of life banjo,,you gotta see this thing,$25,000......7. Jimmy pages early les Paul...8.some rare mandolin someone made for themselves while at Gibson...9.a citation guitar...10.gibson Victorian..want one of these bad.give up my big toes for one.
  16. fentonjames
    I am very happy with my 1935 A-1 wide body. But if David Grisman wanted to give me Crusher, I would gladly accept it.
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