Week #386 ~ Daybreak in Dixie

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    We finally got a winner, Daybreak in Dixie, which was submitted as a bluegrass tune. I am about to head out the door, so I'll ask our helpful members to help me with this tune!

  2. luurtie
    Since most versions are extremely fast I never hear the exact details of what the professionals play. I made my own interpretation at a slow rate...

  3. fatt-dad
    great day, Luurtie! Well played! I doubt I've played this tune once in the last 5 years and it always goes too fast.

    Interesting to try to imagine what I used to do on this melody!

  4. Bob Michel
    Bob Michel
    Like luurtie's version (which is marvelous, as always), mine is played at a somewhat more relaxed pace than many of the virtuoso performances on YouTube.

    Bob Michel
    Near Philly
  5. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Fine picking there, fellows!
  6. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Very fine picking indeed -- unlike the superfast "pro" versions, I can actually make out the tune in Bob's and Hendrik's recordings. And a very fine tune it is, too.

  7. Jairo Ramos Parra
    Jairo Ramos Parra
    In Luurtie's and Bob's renditions I can appreciate the beautiful nuances of the tune, in the "pro" videos I'm lost with the speed. It's like a super fast train in a landscape, when we lift our heads up, it's gone. In the case of a slow train, we can even see the faces of the passengers!
  8. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Great, Hendrik and Bob.
    Now Bob, you are funny. Relaxed pace ! I think that applies more to Hendrik's version than your speed demoniac performance.
  9. Bob Michel
    Bob Michel

    Surely it's just all my mistakes that make it sound fast...

    Bob Michel
    Near Philly
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