Question about the flatiron in the classified

  1. josephryanevans
    Hello folks,
    I'm new to mandolin, actually I've been playing off and on for 6-7 years but never got real serious about it. Now I'm ready to get more serious and upgrade my Kentucky. There's a 1993 Flatiron performer A in the classifieds that I've got my heart set on. (Don't you go and buy it now...)

    I just want to know a bit more before I pull the trigger. Where was this one made, being a 1993? Does this seem like a fair price?

    Thanks folks,
  2. Mike Arakelian
    Mike Arakelian
    Hey Joe....I couldn't find the '93 Performer A in the classifieds, so I guess it's been sold. Hopefully you were the luck guy. I have a '91 Performer A that I bought about two years ago and love it. The '91 was made in Bozeman, MT, and I suspect the '93 was too. Let us know if you're the lucky one.

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