Week #377 ~ The Earl's Chair

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is The Earl's Chair, which was submitted as an IT tune. I'm not familiar with it. It seems to be one of those tunes that you often find in a medley!

    Here is a link to 5 settings on thesession.org

    Here is a link to standard notation and abc on abcnotation.com

  2. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    ...and it was an "other" tune 4 1/2 years ago. For some reason, Lawrence (gortnamona) who started it has marked his video as private since, which is a pity.

    This was my contribution back then (and my playing of it has changed surprisingly little in the meantime):

    Today, I normally wedge it in between both "Toss the Feathers" versions in a set after Martin Wynne's #1.
  3. Tergal
    Here is my rendition of the tune. It's nice reel and I had to learn it. It's done thanks to the group here haha !

    Bertram, your version is quite diffrent on the first part, where did you get it ?
  4. Bob Michel
    Bob Michel
    Tergal, that's marvelous: the playing is flawless, and you put a lovely lilt in the tune.

    I cobbled a set together, and added a few other instruments to the mix:

    Bob Michel
    Near Philly
  5. Doghearty
    Tergal, your picking style is what I aspire to: relaxed, fluid, consistent. Wonderful to watch.
  6. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    All of the above, plus such fantastic tone as well - lovely stuff!
  7. Tergal
    Thank you Jill, this was the first tune I picked with a Bluechip pick !
  8. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Answering your question, Tergal: I normally listen to a few versions, search the closest one from thesession.org and simplify that for speed and volume so I can survive in a noisy session situation. I think our versions are not that far apart, I just play fewer notes and more doublestops.
  9. jonny250
    Well played Bertram, Tegal and Bob! all a bit different styles but they all sound very nice.
  10. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    I've enjoyed everyone's versions so far this week. Here's mine. I recorded a version first time the tune made an appearance as an other tune. I've re-recorded it in a more traditional way than my first outing.

  11. Tergal
    Nice James, I like the bouzouki accompaniment.
    Nice set Bob, I have to make a tutorial for the first reel, Porthole of the Kelp since it is (to me) one of the coolest Dm reels !
  12. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Lovely James! I'm late to the party - gonna try to record this tune today!
  13. Tergal
    Hey Bob, I made a video for The porthole of the kelp, the first tune you play in your set of reels.
  14. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Ok, managed to get some recording done today - just under the wire!

  15. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Here, abit late, is the abcnotation version which has not only triplets but also turns (or grupettos). Listening to the midi player I notice the triplets are rendered as trills and the turns with a disjointed sort of rythmn. Is this right? Would be glad to hear what people think.
  16. gortnamona
    sorry for not having contributed in a while, will hopefully get a few more recorded soon, lots of great tunes to catch up on. had to relearn this one and thought i would give the octave a run out, i just about managed to through it

  17. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Lovely stuff, so nice to hear it on the octave as well!
  18. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Welcome back Lawrence, feels like old times.
  19. JL277z
    Fine versions everyone!

    James, would you happen to have a list of the chords you're using on the bouzouki? I love the sound!

    Gortnamona, lovely lilt, good toe-tapping rhythm! And pretty impressive triplets too.
  20. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Good to see you and the triplets back Lawrence, particularly as you kicked off this tune originally as an "other tune".
    JL277z - thanks you can get a great sound from the bouzouki without too much effort. The Earl's chair is famously one of those modally ambiguous tunes - you can back it in Bm or G which can cause mayhem in a session. I'm doing G here (I did both in my first outing as an other tune). I'm capoed at the 5th fret and playing out of a D shape, using the 1,4,5 for the A part and going into the 6th for the B part (I tend to think in shapes and numbering of chords in a key rather than the actual chords - and a lot of the shapes will be without the third in the chord - GDAD tuning). I'm playing by ear with an element of on the fly which I think helps to get a fluid varied approach that is not too rigid - I had to pick up the zouk just now to work out what I had played on this recording. I think following chord charts for Irish music is the enemy of good accompaniment and can hold back development of your own style. Hope this helps
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