Mike Black #12 in my home town.

  1. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    Just letting you that Mike Black#12 is now in my home town. Welcome home kind stranger.

    I would say that I prefer the tone with this mando without the Virzi. She is so much like the others I have had so I can now I can truly take up my position as moderator of this social group. Thanks to Gary Wilson for this wonderful opportunity.
  2. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
  3. pheffernan
    "I would say that I prefer the tone with this mando without the Virzi. "

    Are you suggesting that I need a Black oval without a Virzi? Because that's what I'm hearing!
  4. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    Pat, Your mandolin is great - there is not much in it. The Virzi gives better projection - a more modern take on the Gibson oval hole. As
  5. pheffernan
    "Modern" is an interesting description for an option 94 years in the making!
  6. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Let's get a sound file/video!
  7. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    I will work on one tonight and post it on Souncloud. I can do a video as well. I need some time for that- maybe this weekend.
  8. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    I posted a sound track on Soundcloud. Here is the link. You can compare this with other mandolin I recorded there last year and this year.

  9. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Nice! Sounds good.
  10. GKWilson
    Sounds great Nick. Hope you continue to enjoy it.
    I personally prefer the non Versi sound also.
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