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  1. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Just curious, is anyone in the group currently on the waiting list for one of Mike's instruments? And if so, what?

    Been on for about 2 months myself, for a GBOM. Mike has sent pics of the roughed out maple back thus far.
  2. Teak
    Not on the waiting list now. Pat and I were on the waiting list last year. It took around 9 months from order to delivery. Mike had to move his shop, which was part of the delay, but I didn't mind. Fifty years from now, waiting a few extra months won't make a difference. Even 4 months later, waiting was worth it.

  3. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    I managed to get on part way into the build process. Mike is building a batch of octaves, and he happened to have one unclaimed. So that may have cut a little time off my wait. I'm not in a great rush, but really wish there were more pics and sound files/videos out there for me to absorb, as I think I've seen just about everything available. I'm assuming I'll have it some time in the fall. I've built about half a dozen electric instruments, so I have some idea of how things can pop up and slow one down (particularly in the finishing stages, in my case).
  4. NewKid
    Hi all, Don Hall from Seattle here. I'm on Mike's wait list for a blond A2z due in the fall. I think my number is 44.

    Did any of you specify a particular neck profile? Thanks for setting this group up.
  5. pheffernan
    I sure did. I have a strong preference for a V-style neck profile and requested that Mike channel his inner Bill Collings. He didn't disappoint.
  6. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Hey Don!

    Got any pics of your build in progress yet? If so, post up!
  7. NewKid
    Hi Matt and Phil,

    I don't expect build pics until the end of summer. I like a Loar style neck as well like the one on my Phoenix Bluegrass but I'm open to the C-shaped neck Mike prefers.
  8. nyopp
    Hi everyone,

    I am waiting on a A4 with a virzi, sometime this fall.
  9. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
  10. GKWilson
    I haven't been around for awhile. Been busy with family business.
    Glad to see the Group newbee's and see that Mike is staying busy.
    Don. I'll be in Seattle Friday to see Mandolin Orange and Elephant Revival.
    Two of my favorite groups together. Awesome.
    If you make it there, I'll be the guy in a Hawaiin shirt, blue jeans and an
    amputated florida bolo tie.
    I got the chance to meet and spend some time with Andrew [M.O.] last Summer.
    I played his Kimble and a Sullivan F5 he purchased the day before in Portland.
    They were very nice mandolins, but I refer the playability and sound of my Black[s].
    For those on the List. Have patients and hang in there. You're going to be very happy.
  11. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    As requested, pics from my GBOM build:

    The rim with head/tail blocks.

    Bracing in and top glued on.

  12. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    More progress. I shrunk this pic down a bit. Neck ready to be bound.

  13. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Not too far away from the woodwork being done, then on to finishing!

  14. pheffernan
    I like the new headstock and the way that its shape is picked up by the fretboard extension!
  15. Kevin Stueve
    Kevin Stueve
    what did you pick for a finish?
  16. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Pheffernan, I think Mike is doing a few different headstock designs for octaves at the moment. He said he likes to change it up a little, I'm sure it's another little creative outlet. I know of at least one other besides this one and the original, and there may be more.

    Kevin, I'm going with a fairly dark burst like Mike did on his #5 mandolin:

    It will also have gold tuners with black buttons, and a gold monteleone style tailpiece.
  17. pheffernan
    I'm kind of partial to this one:

  18. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    I don't blame you! It's great looking!
  19. pheffernan
    No, no, no, the wide grained bearclaw spruce top is great looking.

    But the 3-D flamed maple back is absolutely incredible!

  20. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Now you're just trying to make me jealous.
  21. pheffernan
    Nah, just impatient.
  22. GKWilson
    I'm partial to that one too. : ]
    I like that dark stain also Matt.
    I had Mike make #11 like #6.
    Mike's personal GOM is very dark. Beautiful.
  23. Kevin Stueve
    Kevin Stueve
    every time pheffernan posts pictures of his I drool. One of these days.
  24. pheffernan
    Just so I know for next time, is it the floating ebony tailpiece that's the culprit?

    Or perhaps it's the side sound port?

    Please advise.
  25. GKWilson
  26. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    #42 is ready for stain!

  27. pheffernan
    That back is going to be smokin'!
  28. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    No doubt! Should see what it looks like stained in the next couple of days.
  29. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    She's stained and has a coat of varnish on!

  30. pheffernan
    I love Mike's brownbursts. They remind me of a coffee bean roasted full city!
  31. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Yeah, it's a great look. And that's a great description. This is the first time Mike has done this finish on an octave. It gives it a very old, classic, antique (lots of synonyms here) Loar-ish look to it, in my opinion.
  32. pheffernan
    I wonder if Mike could be persuaded to build a Loar-ish looking mandola at some point...
  33. GKWilson
    I asked him a few years ago and he wasn't too warm to the idea. But, time marches on.
  34. GreenMTBoy
  35. Mike Black
    Mike Black
    After seeing that Snakehead Mandola, I've kind of had the itch to make one. Who knows, there maybe one coming down the pike sometime.
  36. pheffernan
    That's funny, because after seeing that Snakehead Mandola, I've kind of had the itch to play one!
  37. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Varnish coats complete. It's always interesting to see how the appearance of an instrument changes through the finishing process. How it gets both darker and brighter, how the contrast increases. After it cures a little sanding and french polishing is in order. Getting closer to the finish line...

  38. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Well, look what we have here!

  39. Mike Black
    Mike Black
    Probably should have practiced something on it before recording, but you get the idea on how it sounds.

  40. pheffernan
  41. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    I played the octave mandolin in public for the first time in church yesterday. Apologies for the crummy video. My wife is the one singing. She was fighting off a cold this week, but she was a trooper:

  42. GKWilson
    Very nice Matt. I only played my Octave once in public. With the Old Time Fiddlers. After we were
    done nearly every musician had to come over and see what that amazing instrument was. None
    had ever seen an Octave. They were all very impressed. Keep up the good work. That Black sounds
    awesome with your wife's sweet voice.
  43. nyopp
    Just received my A4. Enjoying every minute playing it. Thanks Mike. He just put pictures of it on the site.
  44. pheffernan
    That A4 is lovely. I can see the side port. Tell us more about your build!
  45. nyopp
    It is a basic A4 with sound port, pick guard and arm rest. Mike's craftsmanship is made it look and sound so good. He put on EXP74CM strings on it, with gives it a warm sound.
  46. imrie3
    I owned that number 42 GBOM for a while, worked a trade with Mike for an A2Z, can't wait. The GBOM is amazing, after my stroke it was not an option for me, so here comes an A2Z. I asked him to put a dot on the binding at the third fret, helps me keep my place with this double vision I am left with. I will always miss that Octave, it is a superior instrument in every way !!!
  47. pheffernan
    I wonder if you’re in the same batch with ProfessorO who mentioned ordering an A4 in this thread:

  48. imrie3
    I really don't know, I am anxious .
  49. pheffernan
    As the owner of two of Mike’s instruments, I can well understand and assure you that they’re worth the wait. Perhaps @Mike Black will pop into this thread with an update!
  50. imrie3
    I am waiting on an A2Z from Mike, already picked up a used Calton case designed for this size, we are both anxious !!!
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