My new Kalamazoo

  1. Dale Pauline
    Dale Pauline
    I just purchased a Kalamazoo mandolin. I think it's a KM-22 as it's got front and rear binding, plus binding on the fretboard and the pickguard. Will post some pictures soon. I took the pickguard off and found the FON 1048D 45. The 1048 is clear, but I thought the D could be a B, but it might be the wood grain running through. The 45 is written in pencil while the rest is stamped. I checked and looks like this is a 1938 if that is indeed a D in the FON...maybe near the beginning of the KM-22 run. But, I guess it could be a fancy KM-21...I read somewhere they offered all these options as well.

    It came with a cool brown/black Geib Challenge case.
  2. GMeyer
    I am a big fan of Kalamazoo's...
    My KM 22 is posted here, it is the middle instrument in the first photo as well as #2 and 3:

    post a picture when you can
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