Kentucky Owners and Players: Come on Down!

  1. lflngpicker
    We welcome owners of ALL Kentucky's: from KM-140, KM-150, to the KM-1500 and all points in between or beyond, we want to you to be heard! Please join.
  2. Coffee Guy
    Coffee Guy
  3. johngdon
  4. lflngpicker
    Thanks John-- let's spread the word!
  5. Hokietanker
  6. lflngpicker
    The group is growing friends. I am between Kentucky's at the moment, but I remain an enthusiast as I seek another KM1000 in the future. Keep the group growing!
  7. Roger Moss
    Roger Moss
    Hello there. Ijust found out this group exists. I have a KM-250 and I love it.
  8. cbakewell
    Hi Everyone,

    I am at the lower end of the scale here - KM180s and KM100s.

    The KM100s is new to me, but after I lowered the action a bit it has really come alive, and is getting played more than any other in my collection.
  9. Roger Moss
    Roger Moss
    It's still a Kentucky. Welcome.
  10. David Anderson
    David Anderson
    Hi folks. I play a KM-1000.
  11. Mandochemist
    My first mando was a KM350s. I did some horrible things to it trying to lower the action before I knew what I was doing, but I still use it. I got an M-180 (from before they changed it to KM180s?) that belonged to a good friend who passed away last year. His kids knew I had borrowed it from him when I first started to play and that I liked it so they gave it to me. I shall never part with it. I like the tone of this instrument so much that I bought a KM180s for less than $200 and I am practicing my luthier skills on it. I removed the frets, sanded off the "hump", refretted and made a new nut. Much better.
  12. illinoisfiddler
    KM-1000 and KM-1500 here. Thinking about a lower-end Kentucky as a stage and beater instrument.
  13. Gunnar
    I play a KM 150, is this group still active?
  14. John Van Zandt
    John Van Zandt
    Hello everyone!
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