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  1. pheffernan
    Did anyone notice that Andy's Western Red Cedar over Ovangkol Scout #62 is currently listed for $1000? http://www.mandolincafe.com/ads/92896#92896
  2. Steve-o
    No, but that's a great deal. Should make a nice Christmas present for someone. How's your #73 coming along?
  3. pheffernan
    My #73 should begin construction next month. Andy picked out a really nice piece of wide grained Adirondack red spruce for the top and I picked up a Waverly cloud tailpiece to complete the look!
  4. Steve-o
    pheffernan - Home stretch! Looking forward to seeing the final product.
  5. Steve-o
    Poe #2 is up for sale in the classifieds. If I didn't already own 2 Poes, I'd be all over that one! It was one of many Poes that lit my fire. Go to Andy's web site and check out the photos. The flamed maple back is outstanding! Whoever buys it, please give a report.
  6. NateRed88
    My buddy is the one selling Poe #2. It's gorgeous. I might be able to secure some recordings if anyone is interested, as well as a brief review.
  7. NateRed88
  8. pheffernan
    Steve has generously offered to part with his F5 so that another lucky soul can join our ranks: http://www.mandolincafe.com/ads/94039#94039
  9. Steve-o
    Yeah, regretfully. I bought an Ellis A, so I have to give up another favorite to defray the cost. But I'm never selling my A5 Poe. Besides its good looks and sentimental value, it has the best tone/volume combination of all my mandolins.
  10. pheffernan
    A couple of Andy's recent Scouts have turns up in the classifieds. The earlier#67 looks like an Army-Navy model with a one piece birch back:


    The latter #68 has more the look of an Alrite albeit with maple back and sides:

  11. Steve-o
    Those look like an outstanding value. Do you have a delivery date for #73 yet?
  12. pheffernan
    Andy and I made an agreement to push the delivery date back to January in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Alrite!
  13. mandocreek
    Just saw this post. I was the one lucky enough to snag Poe #002. The A5 black top. My report is that this mando is never leaving my possession! The sound and build quality are outstanding. And it is the most comfortable mandolin that I have ever played. I love it more each time I pick it up. A while back I posted a sound clip, vs. my 85 Flatiron A5 Artist in the "Let's hear some Poe" thread. My playing certainly does not do this mandolin justice though..
  14. pheffernan
    Andy's #57 custom Scout has hit the classifieds for $1350 (plus shipping): https://www.mandolincafe.com/ads/110086#110086 . More images are available on his website: http://www.poestrings.net/poe-57 .
  15. pheffernan
    Two Scouts have hit the classifieds as bonafide bargains, #53 for $850 and #64 for $550:


  16. pheffernan
    A 2007 Poe F5, #17, is being offered by Bradford & Company for $3400:

  17. jefe214
    2003 Driftwood #5 in the Classifieds $2500

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