Week #342 ~ Salt Spring

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner, by a landslide, is Salt Spring. This is a John Reischman tune.

    I can't find notation, so this may be something you learn by ear!

    It's had a run as an 'other tune' here.
  2. luurtie
    Chords used by this band are..

    Part A: 2/4
    I A I A I A I A I Bm I Bm I Bm I F#m I
    I Bm I Bm I Bm I D I D I D I A I A II

    Part B:
    I D I A I D I A I D I A I D I A I E I E II

    And there's a nice backingtrack on http://www.fbbts.com/ with a bit different chords.

    And a nice banjosheet PDF-file here: http://www.bluesageband.com/Tab%20pd...alt-spring.pdf
  3. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Saltspring from a tef file once posted on Mandozine website. It's a bit big but you can download the jpg and print out the tab for youself.

  4. jonny250
    for any banjo players out there - notice that the banjo player in John Reichmans band uses a 2 finger style...
    seems to work!
  5. luurtie
    Extremely windy an wet weather in the Netherlands is a wonderful condition to make a mix and video on this tune, so here's my version..

  6. woodenfingers
    Wow, just an awesome performance Hendrik. Not only are you a superb mandolinist you can also make that guitar sing a sweet tune.
  7. jonny250
    really nice Hendrik, i was hoping for a variation at the end and was not dissapointed
  8. luurtie
    Thanks for the compliments Bob abd Jonny. I don't consider myself as a superb mandolinplayer Bob, but I did my best make more of an arangement with some variation in this tune. It worked out fine..
  9. Niavlys
    Great job! I'm curious to know, how did you record the whole thing? Mandolin first? With a metronome playing in headphones? Great tone, and great recording quality as well!
  10. luurtie
    I used my tascam dp-008 multitrackrecorder with metronome Niavlys. I recorded a quick guitartrack first, which I replaced for a new one after i recorded the mandolin and guitar melody part. Next time I wil not use the internal microphone for the mandolin. The Prucha should sound better in this recording.
  11. jonny250
    Here is my take; you might need to turn down the sound!
    inspired by Heindrik taking his mando out and about last week i decided to try and copy the John Reichman experience and play at by the sea - its just a bit rougher in my video bit like my playing - one eye on the waves, so not concentrating fully
  12. luurtie
    Hahaha, that's a great place to make music. Maybe it's a good idea too find a more relaxing spot to take care of your expensive Gibson next time. I enjoyed it Jonny, and I realise I'm missing the sea... No need to record a backingtrack on your Island though..
  13. woodenfingers
    Hey Jonny, well done!! Nice pickin while looking over your shoulder for rogue waves. I hope you went surfing after the session, some of those waves looked pretty good.
  14. jonny250
    Heindrik you're right! i use my old kentucky mando down the beach in fact i might even sell the Gibson as i quite like the Kentucky now! woodenfingers no surfing this time, but yes we get some good surfing [and freediving and kayaking and spearfishing, etc] lol..
  15. Sasquatch
    Hendrick, spot on as usual.
    Jonny, I must say I am jealous of the beach setting. I'm sitting in Indiana with temps below 30 degrees and the closest body of water being a pond less than 20 yards wide. I'm thinking a trip to St. Augustine sounds really good right now.
    This attempt at a great tune shows why I typically hate to show my face when picking. It appears I am in pain. Its kind of like my fellow Hoosier John Mellencamp ....Hurts So Good!! lol.
    This song has became one of my faves. Tough nut to crack as is all of Reischman's stuff.
  16. woodenfingers
    Hey Squatch, very well done there. Yes, it does look like the tune pains you but I'll say it was a joy to listen to!! It will be a while before I can post on this one as I am still trying to figure it out.
  17. jonny250
    nicely done sasquatch, some cool licks in there! i had the 'mando face' for ages, still do a bit wouldnt worry about it.
  18. Gelsenbury
    This one looks too hard for me, but I'm enjoying these great renditions. Luurtie, you are a superb player without doubt.
  19. luurtie
    Thanks for the compliment Gelsenbury. I don't think it's a difficult tune, but I'm impressed with all your bluegrassnotes all the way up the neck Sasquatch. The way you play it would be very difficult to me. You look a bit like Chris Thile and I think you should always show your face. I add's something special... Good work..
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