Hawthorn A5

  1. pheffernan
    I just noticed that the Bradford and Franzke Fret Shop in Kansas City has a new A5 for their house Hawthorn brand as built by Mike Black:


    It turns out that they actually have two A5's, both with and without a Virzi tone producer, for $2900 each. I'd love to hear a report from anyone in the Kansas City area!
  2. pheffernan
    Wow, the Hawthorn A5 with the Virzi tone producer has dropped from its original price of $2900 all the way down to $1800!

  3. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Wow, that's quite a deal!
  4. GKWilson
    I don't understand why more grassers haven't had Mike build them an A5. Probably because he hasn't made to many of them and people haven't heard or played them. If you want mine you'll have to talk to my daughter when I'm gone. I've had a lot of great and good mandolins come and go, but this one stays. As for the Hawthorn, it states that Mike completed it. It certainly looks like his burst finish, but how involved was he in the build? That would be my question.
  5. GreenMTBoy
    I have been looking at that mandolin for a couple weeks now ,it a real nice one at a great price .I asked Mike about it and he said Hello Tom, That mandolin is one of two that I put together for them. It is a nice mandolin. It was put together from a Stew-Mac kit just shortly before they stopped making them last year. It has really nice woods. No issues either. Not sure what else I can tell you about it other than that.
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