Collings MT Mandola

  1. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    Hi all

    Just acquired a Collings MT mandola. I am enamoured with the tone, playability, and looks of sunburst ivoroid bound (on the top at least) mandola. I am surprised at how light it is. It is almost as playable as a mandolin and has a wonderful pop and clarity to the sound. Couldn't be happier!
  2. dulcillini
    It is great. I enjoy mine very much Wonderful tone.
  3. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    Thanks dulcillini. I am surprised that there are not more sound clips out there. I will post one to my Soundcloud page and post you the link.
  4. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    I am letting you know my Collings MT mandola found a home in Brazil to a very happy US expat there.
  5. Bob Visentin
    Bob Visentin
    I love my MT mandola.
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