Mike Black GBOM's

  1. GKWilson
    Mike has only built a few of these. Four I think.
    Today he quit teasing us [me], and posted
    pictures of #33 on this groups photo album.
    It looks much like the one he plays. A real beauty
    that I've always lusted for. Mine is a beautiful
    blonde. The Yin to it's Yang.
    These are works of art that look like a small early
    arched top Epiphone jazz guitar.

  2. GKWilson
    Mike. Any video or audio?
    Please, please, please…...
  3. Mike Black
    Mike Black
    I do have a video. Just need to be at a place to be able to post it. I can't do it on my phone.
  4. Mike Black
    Mike Black
  5. Kevin Stueve
    Kevin Stueve
    drool, I may have to make the "long" drive from Gardner Ks to Lawrence to talk about one of these :D
  6. GKWilson
    Well worth the trip kstueve.
    You only see one of these in a 'blue moon'.
    And since that's tonight, here's a few pic's
    of mine.
  7. GKWilson
    Cute huh?
    Cute AWSOME.
  8. Kevin Stueve
    Kevin Stueve
    nice one, I prefer the lighter finish to the sunburst. If i was having one built (someday) I think a black face
    or your color pattern would be my top two choices
  9. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    GKWilson, I really love the caramel color on the back/sides of your octave. I wonder if would translate as well to flamed maple as it does to quilted? Been contemplating finishing options for my octave, but it's a tough decision. My mind seems to change by the day. A good problem to have though! And I think I have some time before I really need to make a decision.
  10. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    Yours is really beautiful Gary. In fact they all are works of art!
  11. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    So, do any of you Mike Black GBOM owners happen to have any video or sound files of your instruments being played? Mike has one video linked on his Facebook page, but I'd love to hear/see more!
  12. pheffernan
    Mike has an mp3 file of #6 in this thread: http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/sh...?64969-Black-6
  13. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Awesome! Thanks for the link.
  14. pheffernan
    How's your GBOM build coming along?
  15. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    The top has been glued to the sides, so Mike should be close to putting on the back and closing up the box. It's getting there!
  16. pheffernan
    Please consider posting updates to your "Waiting List" thread with photos to the Social Group homepage. I took delivery on my Black A2-z a year ago this week, so it would be fun to relive the excitement vicariously!
  17. pheffernan
    Mike also has an mp3 file of #3 in this thread: http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/sh...ctave-Mandolin
  18. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Thanks for another great link! Posted some build pics in the waiting list thread.
  19. pheffernan
    Thanks for sharing, Matt. I know that Mike's #1 with MB in the headstock is also a GBOM, but I've been unable to find any sound of it. Since I believe Mike kept it as his personal octave, I'm wondering if you can hear it on any of his Three Bean Salad recordings.
  20. Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Yeah, I don't know. I've heard a lot of their stuff, but don't recall any OM on it. Would love to hear it though. I imagine my octave will have a bit of a different sound to it, as it's X-braced, rather than having tone bars. Going for a bit more mellow sound as this is going to be a guitar replacement as much as being a lead instrument.
  21. GKWilson
    The newest GBOM.
  22. pheffernan
    I see some pictures of a new #47 GBOM have been posted. Beautiful work as always, Mike!
  23. imrie3
    I owned that GBOM for a time, worked a trade with Mike for an A2Z, can't wait !!! The octave did not work for me due to complications from a stroke, but I never had one and wanted to check one out. If I had this before my stroke, some new songs would have been added to the group for sure. I can say this about that GBOM, the quality of build and sound is as good as anything I have had in my hands, guitar or mandolin, it is simply perfect, Imrie.
  24. pheffernan
    It seems like #42 has changed hands a few times. I hope that it finds a good home. It is a handsome and fine sounding instrument. I know that #6 isnít going anywhere anytime soon.
  25. imrie3
    Who owns this Gbom now ?
  26. pheffernan
    Matt Harris still has it listed in his signature, but he hasn’t signed into his account in over a year, and I’m pretty sure that he sold it at some point:

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