Mike Black A2Z - #20 of 32 mandolins so far

  1. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    I bought #20 to replace #17 which Mandrian owns now in Scotland.

    It is my go to mandolin. It is great for all types of musical genres. I look forward to hearing from other Mike Black mandolin owners.

    Mike is now up to #34 ( see Pat Heffernan's build thread)
  2. GKWilson
    Thanks for starting this Group Nick.
    Hope it gets a lot of feedback.
    We are a limited group so I hope a lot of Black wannabe owners
    chime in and enjoy and ask questions etc.
  3. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    Not a problem Gary. I thought that it was timely to start the group so that just as you say Black wannabee owners can ask questions. Maybe Mike himself can come up and join us and post his latest offerings for viewing just like Marty Jacobson does with his mandolins on the bench.
  4. pheffernan
    I just wanted to bump this thread to let everyone know that Nic shipped me #20 to keep me company while #34 is under construction. Early returns are that it is aesthetically beautiful, and while I would prefer a more narrow nut and more pronounced V-style neck, it plays comfortably. Tonally, it has a strong A-course, and on open strings, there is a distinct reverb type of effect which I infer to be the Virzi. It is interesting and a bit surprising to experience how much more focused and directed the Black seems to be than other ovals in my experience. Thanks Nic!
  5. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    It was nice Pat to have someone else review my Black A2-Z. It certainly has a lot of punch at the top end. I found that the A and E strings really cut when jamming with others. Yes, the sound is much more focused than other equivalent Gibson oval As. But hey it a modern mandolin made by a modern independent builder.
  6. pheffernan
    It is undoubtedly a great alternative for anyone who prefers the aesthetics of a vintage instrument but the playability features of a modern one.
  7. GreenMTBoy
    Well I have #20 now She has moved to Vermont from Texas, it sounds like this girl has got around ! It has that little wider 1 3/16 nut and neck profile feels just perfect for my big hands . I think it is even and strong across all the strings it has a beautiful tone and bark to it. You might have to pry this one from my cold dead fingers It's a keeper
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