Jam Class opportunity

  1. MSalisbury
    Just a quick heads up for any of us Indy Mando players who are just starting out playing and still a bit unsure about jamming with others (We know who we are), there is a good opportunity taking place this weekend (May 1-May 3) here in Indianapolis. Russell Passwater is teaching a weekend long Wernick method Jam class this weekend.


    It looks like he still has space and is still taking students. If past experience holds true, most of these classes are Guitar and banjo heavy, Mandolins are especially welcome.

    Let me say up front that I have never met the man personally, and am not pimping his class or anything, but I have taken (re-taken and RE-re-taken) similar Wernick Method Jam classes in the last couple years when I was living in Georgia, and I for one know that my Jam skills have benefitted greatly from attending.

    Plus it's a hoot'n-a-half of fun, slow jamming with others in my same (beginner-intermediate) skill level. You don't HAVE to take breaks up front, it's low pressure, but you get out of the class what you put into it. Don't worry about screwing up - EVERYONE will screw up at some point, that's why you are there. Besides, I figured that I was paying the instructors so they at least HAD to listen to me butcher Old Joe Clark, right?

    Anyway, if you have the weekend free, I would encourage anyone who wants to get off the sofa and play with others to take advantage of the class. If I hadn't just moved up and my finances are astill recovering from the hit I'd be signing up myself, just for a weekend long chance to meet other BG Jammers.
  2. Mando_Zeek
    what a cool opportunity, wish I didn't have to work this weekend!
  3. MSalisbury
    Y'all missed a good time. My birthday is coming up later this week, so I decided that this was going to be my present to myself, dug deep into the sofa looking for spare change and splurged on the entry fee. Was worried I might miss the first session friday, managed to talk my manager into letting me take an earlier shift, was able to get in and only missed the first hour.

    We had about 12 people, good mix of instruments (3 Guitars, 5 Banjos, 3 (!!!) mandos, even a fiddle! Plus both Russell and his wife Cindy covered Bass ). Granted there was a LOT of material that was covered over the course of the three days, so sometimes it felt a bit like we were trying to take a sip from a firehose, but by the end even the shyest player was stepping out and tooking a break, not just chopping in the back.

    Met a bunch of jammers, trying to get some of them to come out and join us, even had a couple who were ready, willing and eager to host a jam session in the near future. Got some info on upcoming festivals and local jams, will try to share as I get a chance.
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