Twin score from Ebay,

  1. fredy
    A will ago I was drifting thru Ebay and found several instruments that looked good with no bids and just 2 days to expire! A Octive harmany mandolin and Porto Rican Chuato! ( 10 steel string instrument about the same size as a octive mandolin). I bid low $100.00 and won then both when they arrived I was inpressed after a little set up and string changes they played great> We were booked on a cruse to Mexico in march so I practiced a lot on the Chauto tuned G D A E B and took it abard my wife took her ukulele. This is a 7 day cruise with 3 short days in port. we were playing on a upper deck when the person in charge of intertainment came by listen for a few and ask if we would play for the other guest. We agreed! On the last Friday we played for about 30.min for them with lots of people apploding What a thrill Just shows that It's the players not the instrument!!! By the way I have a Rigal 110 and sold a Dobra mandolin it was to loud and I hardly play the regal but love my Musician Friends oval hole chepie and now my 2 new ones
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