Week #306 Bluegrass Special

  1. Marcelyn
    This week's winner is Bluegrass Special. It sounds like a fun one!

    Here's some tab...

    Here's a page with tab for Ricky Skaggs version...

    There are lots of great videos for this one
    Here's the tune from Bill Monroe...

    Here it is from the Mat Flinner Trio...

    Here's Matt again along with Mike Compton...

    Here's a fun version on twin mandolins
  2. Obiwan
    What a great tune. Here is my go . I had a little trouble getting the timing down at first.
    Looking forward to hearing everyone els.

  3. luurtie
    Way to go Obiwan, and your timing is correct! Good work!
  4. woodenfingers
    That was fabulous Obiwan!! Your timing seems spot on to me. I can't get anywhere near playing that signature phrase yet...
  5. Marcelyn
    That's awesome! The hammer ons sound super. Really great playing!
  6. Sasquatch
    Week #306 has been quiet. Great stuff from Obiwan. Its been a crazy week here in the Squatch household and I just haven't been able to get a lot of play time in. A man to busy to play mandolin is busier than God intended for him to be! Anyway, made an attempt tonight on Clay, my self built F4.
  7. OldSausage
    Sounding really good there Tim, great job!
  8. Obiwan
    Awesome !!! Sasquatch the F4 is sounded good.
  9. Marcelyn
    I was sure you'd come up with a fantastic version of this one, Tim. What a fun mandolin that must be to play on. It sounds great!
  10. KyleG_MandolinMuse
    Hello again. It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I've been lurking and watching as you all uncover and learn some remarkable tunes. I figured it's time to push my playing by learning some new tunes, so I'm hoping to start contributing to and participating in this group. Here's my take on Bluegrass Special. (Just a note about the last sample video posted: correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's actually a version of Bluegrass Stomp, rather than Bluegrass Special.)

  11. Marcelyn
    I'm sure you're right, Kyle. I hadn't heard this one before and was going by the titles on YouTube. Thanks, I removed that example to prevent confusion.
    Glad to see you back here. Your video is showing as "Private" when I click on it.
  12. KyleG_MandolinMuse
    Marcelyn: thanks for letting me know about the privacy settings on the video. I must have missed that the default settings weren't public when I uploaded it. Hopefully it shows up correctly now. Do let me know if it's still a problem.
  13. Marcelyn
    Yeah, it's working fine now. Great playing!
  14. GHall
    My daughter and I were in West Virginia over the weekend and ran into 15yo Silas Powell, who is just an absolute monster picker, and this is one of the tunes they picked together - My daughter is playing Silas' Sorensen A5 Ax, and Silas is playing my daughter's A5 Silverangel.
  15. Gelsenbury
    Your daughter is a bit of a phenomenon! That's fantastic playing. I was tempted to use the phrase that I've enjoyed seeing her progress here on the Mandolin Café, but the truth is that she's always been brilliant.
  16. GHall
    Thanks very much for your kind words, Gelsenbury!
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