Week #302 ~Old Yeller Dog Came Trotting Through the Meeting House

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    It's a tie this week, and so I'm just 'casting' the winning vote and declaring Old Yeller Dog Came Trotting Through the Meeting House" as the winner. It was submitted as an Old Time tune. I'm not familiar with it.

    I found this standard notation (for the fiddle)

    Here's a lesson on Mel Bay's mandolin sessions.

    Here are some You Tube videos:

  2. GKWilson
    Something looks awfully familiar here.
    Maybe we can get an update on claw hammer and mandola.
  3. Obiwan
    Here is my go, looking forward to everyone's video's

  4. GKWilson
    What a great start for the week Obiwan.
    You had my foot a tappin'.
  5. Marcelyn
    That's awesome! Love it!
  6. Sasquatch
    Great picking Obiwan. What type of axe you chopping with? Beautiful piece.
    Tried my hand at this old tyme fiddle tune. Went strictly by ear on this one. I flubbed a couple of places but o well.
    Still trying to break in the F4 so used it again. 'Clay' is developing a decent tone as the weeks go by. Neat hearing the subtle changes as you play.
  7. Obiwan
    Thanks guys And lady.
    Nice work Sasquatch I love your style .
    Right now I'm playing a weber gallatin but instead of maple it's a solid mahogany back with x bracing.
    It's one of the sweetest sounding mandolins I have played
  8. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Great stuff Obiwan and Sasquatch- you're really tearing this number up.
    My version is based on Wendy Anthony's arrangement.
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