Blue burst Pacifica

  1. Terry Sebastian
    Terry Sebastian
    Talking with Steve about having a Custom Pacifica whittled out. So far that is the extent of it. I plan on sending my deposit soon. He says about a year lead time.
    Just posting up to reserve my spot for updates, pics of progress as its coming along (hopefully), and to show of the new baby once I have it in my hands.
  2. Terry Sebastian
    Terry Sebastian
    Sent in the deposit today...woo hoo!!!

    So, good Lord willing, I will be a proud Pacifica owner about this time next year!
  3. Trevor DuBose
    Trevor DuBose
    Can't wait to see progress!
    I watched videos of the instruments nearly every day until mine arrived. The anticipation was almost unbearable, but she surpassed my expectations and still does each time I pick her up to play.
    Steve is the best!!
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