1. pheffernan
    Tired of bemoaning the fact that Stefan Passernig maintains low visibility and virtually no web presence, I decided to create a social group to celebrate his handiwork. My A5 is ID #54 built in 2009 with a red spruce top, red maple back, and spirit varnish.
  2. jclover
    Oustanding mandolins, they deserve praise. I am the proud owner of #74, an A5 built in 2013. Red Spruce top, Sugar Maple back and sides, oil varnish, French polish.
  3. Cary Fagan
    Cary Fagan
    Glad to join. I've got #36, an F5 built in 2007. I bought it when it was still in the white after talking with Stefan on the phone.
  4. Crowder
    Thanks for the invitation. I have a Passernig F, I think it is #42 or thereabouts. Pearwood back and sides, wood binding, and the full "Passernig" logo on the headstock (perhaps the first one with that feature). I've removed the finish from the back of the neck and added a K&K pickup system. It's getting nice and broken in for sure. I've just focused more on guitar the last few years so it doesn't come out of the case as much as it should.
  5. pheffernan
    I guess that Stefan is maintaining low production, Jim, as #76, an A5 built in 2015, turned up recently at Fiddler's Green:
  6. pheffernan
    It looks like Fiddler's Green also still has a Passernig two-point, #71:
  7. ccravens
    Just purchased the Mandola from Fiddler's Green.

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