Week #300 The Belfast Hornpipe

  1. Marcelyn
    The winner for week 300 is the Belfast Hornpipe. It looks like we also voted this tune in a few years back. Here's a link to the performances from that week...

    With so many new mandolin players here, it'll be fun to see this tune's second run.
    Here's ABC notation...

    X: 1
    T: Belfast, The
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    R: hornpipe
    K: Dmaj
    |:ag|faef deAF|DFAd f2ef|gbeg deAF|GBAG E2ag|
    faef deAF|DFAd f2ef|gfed cABc|d2f2 d2:|
    |:DE|GFGA Bcde|fgfe dcdB|A2f2 fef2|G2e2 ede2|
    GFGA Bcde|fgfe dcdB|Afed cABc|d2f2 d2:|
    |:ag|fgef decd|BcAB G2ba|gafg efde|cdBc A2ag|
    fgef decd|BcAB GAFG|Efed cABc|d2f2 d2:|

    To convert this to mandolin tab, copy and paste the ABC notation above to this site...

    For more ABC versions and sheet music, check out The Sessionn...

    And here's a great example in a set from our fearless leader and her fun group The Flatland Ramblers...
  2. luurtie
    I'm a fan already... What a nice tune with a lovely band.. I hope to post my version in a couple of days. I have to learn this one
  3. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    I didn't record this when it was previously a winner, but I've got around to it now.

    There seem to be a number of quite different versions around. I tried a few, and liked this one best. Played on a Musikalia banjo ukulele in mandolin tuning, with tenor guitar backing. I've had the banjo uke on loan for a while, and its jolly toy-like quality is well-suited to hornpipes.

  4. dulcillini
    Great selection! It will take me some time to get this down. I also found the Derry (Londonderry) hornpipe on The Session, and it states that it is often played along with the Belfast Hornpipe, sort of a Northern Ireland combination, I guess. The Derry Hornpipe is also a lovely piece. I have work to do now !
  5. jonny250
    Well done Martin, sounded good. Its a good tune this one.
  6. woodwizard
    Well ... here's my slow sloppy version. Never heard of this tune. Kinda cool ... thanks!

  7. Doghearty
    I didn't know Gandalf lived in Iowa. ;-)
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