Week #292 Gaspar Sanz' Rujero

  1. Marcelyn
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Looks like this week's winner is a beautiful song entitled Gaspar Sanz' Rujero. I found notation for guitar, but haven't come across anything for mandolin yet. If anyone has tab or video examples, please post them to get us going.
  2. jonny250
    I found this guitar lesson, nice and slow:
  3. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    For mandolin, a good place to start might be Rob MacKillop's arrangement for ukulele:

    The sheet music for this arrangement is in Rob's book "20 Spanish Baroque Pieces For Ukulele", but is also available online as a free preview:

    I think this page has the full piece -- it's only 16 bars. Another online version (for guitar, but potentially adaptable to mandolin) is:

    Finally, this transcription for recorder is certainly playable on mandolin, but may need a few double stops to make it interesting:


  4. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Here's mine on a Tom Buchanan tenor mandola. Starts baroque - ish, then degenerates into something more contemporary.

  5. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Well done James, I like the idea of using the mandola instead of a mandolin. My version is also sans baroque, pun intended.

  6. Niavlys
    I planned on using this transcription: http://www.delcamp.net/gif/gaspar_sanz_rujero.gif
    But it seems the repeats are misplaced. I guess I will follow the other examples for the repeats and structure.
  7. jonny250
    well done guys, sounding good.
    I was curious to have a go at this, although i havent really acquired a taste for this style of music. Here's my effort:
  8. Tavy
    Really nice versions there chaps, this seems to work well on CBOM's (again), but as a guitar piece I guess that's no surprise!
  9. crisscross
    Nice versions! Only long necks so far. Well, I used my inexpensive ukrainian domra for this one. Sounds a bit thin, but not too bad, I think.
  10. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Excellent stuff so far from everyone. Particularly liked David's organ backing. This is Martin's guitar part unadapted except for a few additional notes.
  11. crisscross
    Nice droning and doublestops!
    The Paradetas is often played together with the Rujero. I recorded it with my new bowlback,that I'm still not sure how to hold.
  12. Tavy
    More nice versions:

    Maudlin - you seem to be using the same chord shapes I've been working on for this!
    Crisscross - really nice ornaments there, what's the bowlback? It's sounding good whatever!
  13. crisscross
    Thanks Tavy! The bowlback is a Suzuki m 30. Sounds quite nice, the only thing that bothers me a little, is the fretboard extension wich causes some noise when I pick the e-string. Maybe I'll have it removed or scooped.
    About the ornaments: I played them as simple hammer-ons/pull-offs the way folk players do. But watching some classical Mandolin videos on Youtube I got the impression, that they are picked.Well,I ordered the Ranieri Method, let's see what he says.
  14. Niavlys
    For this piece I challenged myself with hybrid picking and left-thumb fretting. It doesn't work perfectly at all times, but I'm satisfied enough with the result.

  15. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Niavyls - well done. I've never seen hybrid picking on a mandolin before. It gives it an Elizabethan lute like quality. You've established a very niche area of playing in the already niche realm on mandolin playing. Stick at it and you could become the Chris Thile of hybrid mandolin picking.
  16. Niavlys
    Well thank you But actually it has of course been done before, for example by Chris Thile (Waltz for Dewayne Pomeroy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8gkQfSJbv4) and Sierra Hull (Wings of Dawn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUMQ_ZkMcRM). It doesn't sound great at first but quickly improves, and I think it's a nice skill to develop.

    Chris Thile also does hybrid picking (more like country-style fingerpicking) on Goat Rodeo from the Goat Rodeo Sessions (http://youtu.be/mU_qVKd6gtU?t=2m55s) and somewhere in this performance too : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ2FoqTlECI.
  17. Frithjof
    Coming from classic/fingerstyle guitar it seems natural for me to play wide intervals like i.e. tenth with hybrid picking and I use it occasionally. Sometimes the weakness of the tone is a problem for sure. And to avoid a left-thumb fretting I tuned down the G-sting to an A and play the melody up the neck. Nice drone on an OM.

    Niavlys, sounds good on both instruments. BTW in opposition to me you own nice hair. But I would prefer a free view to what you are doing on the fretboard.
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