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  1. DataNick
    Hello All!

    I've owned a Nashville Gibson made Flatiron Performer A(currently on "pawn" to a friend), but acquired my second and current Gibson, a 94' F-5L, in May of this year. I had a 58' A-50 that just didn't do it for me. It took me a couple of years into the mandolin world to figure out that the "Gibson F5 sound" is what I prefer, and my F-5L has it in spades. Tom Mullen, formerly of The Bluegrass Cardinals, after playing mine at a festival his past summer told me that my F-5L is "a hoss, and one of the best mandos I've played, including 4 to 5 Loars". That being said, in true MAS fashion, I'm planning my hopefully last and "grail" acquisition: a David Harvey "Custom" F-5G to be ordered from TMS sometime around mid-2015. In the mean-time I really am extremely pleased with my penultimate 94' F-5L. Nothing like being onstage with a mando that's a bluegrass whomper that all the while sports "The Gibson" on the headstock!
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