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  1. stoney
    Hello all. Proud owner of Gibson F5 and F9. How many of you
    have scooped your gibsons and or removed the pick-guard. Those
    of you who haven't, does it impact you playing?
  2. Mike Snyder
    Mike Snyder
    Scoop and radius last December, love it. Much less pick click. No pick guard on the F5G.
  3. 300win
    Never liked the "Florida" have scooped it before on other cheaper mandos I've owned, the ones I have now a Gibson A-9, and a Gibson F-5 Jam-Master don't need it of course as the have no fretboard extension. Also in 44 years never had a pick-gaurd, tried one last year for one day, gave it to a fellow cafe member.
  4. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Glad here about you Gibson's! I'm and F-5 and A-9 owner.

    A vote here for the scoop.

    I fought with playing around the extension on my F-5 Fern for a year before deciding that since I don't really plan to sell it anyway why not make it the mandolin I want?

    After carefully watching my pick and where it was hitting the fretboard playing different tunes I had about 6 frets pulled and the area scooped. It looks fine and plays at least 100 % better when it comes to clicking sounds.

    Some folks want those faux frets (like nylon string) inserted on the scooped area but I've never felt the need for that.
  5. Mike Bromley
    Mike Bromley
    I could never understand scooping, for the sake of saving F-lorida. It becomes a goofy-looking tongue of ebony, IMHO. I cut it off altogether. Appendectomy!
  6. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Either 6 or a half dozen which ever comes last, ignore that one and take the other, unless it comes first.
  7. Mike Snyder
    Mike Snyder
    I asked my luthier to just hack off the Florida. He just couldn't do it. The finish underneath was real ugly, so I let him do as he wished.
  8. woodwizard
    Never scooped the florida on any of my past F5's but sure didn't like the pick click. No need to worry about it on the Goldrush (no florida) and the little one on my A4 doesn't bother me at all. I like pick guards...If they came with it I left them on. Playing my old F9 without one didn't bother me either. Guess I can take it or leave it ... not an issue for me.
  9. fernmando
    My '00 Fern seems to dip just a bit at the Florida, as if it were dropped/bent a bit to prevent click. My pickguard is still attached, wouldn't play without it now that I'm used to it.
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