#283 ~ Cold Rain and Snow

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week was a close one... the winner, by one vote, is Cold Rain and Snow. I'm not familiar with the tune.

    Here's a You Tube Video:

    For you Dead Heads out there:

    Here are some lyrics.

    Here's an old discussion on Mandolin Cafe about this tune.

    This is all I have found as far as melody. It's banjo tab, but also has standard notation. Maybe ya'll can figure it out from all this!
  2. luurtie
    The Dutch duo Janis McCoury (Liz Meesters & Peter Noorman) played this song with Janos Koolen and Lucas Beukers. I love this version from my musical friends and you have to hear the wonderful mandolinplayer Janos Koolen improvice at 0.44!

  3. Niavlys
    I can't believe how hard it is to find informations on this song, other than those about Grateful Dead's interpretation. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the Grateful Dead, it's just that these different interpretations seem to have almost no relation at first, to me at least. But now I think I'm slowly getting it.

    Well I'm still searching before posting, and I found more informations here: http://www.deaddisc.com/songs/Cold_Rain_And_Snow.htm

    Also, here is the version by Chris Thile and Michael Daves:

  4. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Here's a version I recorded about two years ago. It's Cold Rain and Snow and I played the guitar, mandolin and 5 string clawhammer banjo.

    Niavlys: Here's an interesting blog page about the possible origins of this murder ballad!

  5. crisscross
    Great rendition, great video, great vocals! I didn't manage to get to such heights vocally, so I kept my version instrumental. I used this tune to get acquainted with the sawmill tuning on clawhammer banjo, but added some mandolin and electric guitar. I kept the tempo a little slower.
    There seem to be two different versions of this song, one with a major chord like the Dead's and one in dorian minor like the Rice/Rowan version.
  6. Niavlys
    Just found this:

    As for myself, I think I'm going to go for the Grateful Dead's version, if I have time to do it.
  7. Niavlys
    Here I am with my audio-only cover of The Grateful Dead's version. I wanted to use different instruments at first, but I ended up using only my mandolin, multi-tracking it in order to separate rhythm and lead (and second lead in the solo). Hope you'll like it!

  8. crisscross
    Sounds great! The only thing I miss ia Pigpen's cheap organ sound.
  9. Marcelyn
    Two very cool and unique sounding instrumental versions. I really enjoyed your banjo Criss. Great picking you two!
    I learned this one a few years ago when Michael first posted his outstanding version above. That one is awesome! Work and a cold got in the way last week, so here's a late runthrough from Jeff and me.

  10. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Wonderful singing Marcy. Well worth the wait! And yet another winner from the Nickajack Pickers.
  11. Niavlys
    Listening to all of your versions make me glad I didn't choose to cover the traditional version, because I couldn't compete!
  12. Sasquatch
    Here is a instrumental version in the flavor of the Del McCoury version. No singing because I ain't no Del McCoury & because I wasn't in the mood to be a butcher this morning.
  13. GKWilson
    No butcher there. A fine cut.
    P.S. Haven't seen the mandolin for awhile. How is it coming?
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