Week #280 ~ Ashokan Farewell

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
  2. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Here's a link to it's run as an "other" tune.

    And here's a recently revamped version of my previous post on that thread.

  3. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Wonderful, David.
    I am wondering how big your house is? People here tend to have 5 or six mandos. So if you have 5 or 6 guitars, five or six organs, five or six ........... of all the instruments you play
  4. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Manfred actually my house is small, less than 650 SF, I have (4) mandos (2) guitars (1) bass (1) concertina (1) keyboard and (1) flute that I never play. Not so much really.
  5. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Ashokan Farewell in your hands is beyond beautiful. It's simply one of your best...
  6. luurtie
    I agree with Michael.. Absolutely wonderful David!
  7. Rick E Vengeance
    Rick E Vengeance
    Time to take this out & dust it up a bit

  8. luurtie
    Nice playing Rick!
    I thought this could be a good one for practising Tremolo.... Here's my version..

  9. OldSausage
    Wonderful stuff so far from David, Rick and Hendrick. Here's mine - I stuffed a bit of guitar in there this time:

  10. justkaron
    Wonderful and inventive versions this week!

    Here's one I did a good while back. Want to work on picking up the tempo and making it a bit more lively this week.
    Hoping I can do that.

  11. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Really enjoyable and varied versions from everyone this week. Special mention for David whose HD video and picture in picture is now the icing on top of his great playing and studio quality sound.

    And now my take on it. Piano and Irish Bouzouki (what no mandolin!).

  12. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    James I really like your piano playing and the bouzouki sounded good as well, nice arrangement and playing.
  13. woodenfingers
    Great playing everyone. David, love the sound of the Sobell. Really nice on this and the organ and concertina were great. Rick, nice to get the dust off the mandolin. Keep it up. I really liked the tremolo with Luurtie and David. I need to learn how to do that. Karon you have the tremolo, keep working on the speed. James, the piano and bouzouki really worked out quite well together. You are quite accomplished on both keyboards and strings, time to get out the accordion though.

    I'm sneaking this one in under the wire before Barbara posts the next tune. I have been playing Ashokan Farewell for 20 some years. I learnt it on fiddle from a friend of Jay Ungar's. So of course I had to drag out the fiddle. I can't do it justice anymore on the fiddle but it is fun to be sawing away on the old thing again.

    Still fighting with iMovie. Couldn't get the fiddle synced up correctly. Fussy trying to do this on a laptop with a trackpad.
  14. Niavlys
    My version is taking quite some time to record, but I hope it will be worth it! I haven't listened to your versions yet, but once mine will be done, I will!
  15. Niavlys
    Here it is at last:

    It's past 6am here, it seems I fell asleep while waiting for the end of the upload... Good night everyone!

    It seems YouTube has detected the presence of copyrighted content in my video… has this kind of problem ever happened to anyone here, on a cover of an existing song? Of course I'm not using anything from any existing recording here.
  16. justkaron
    Applause! Applause, Niavlys! Great work on getting all those instruments together.
    Lovely playing and waltz time.

    ALL of the posts on this tune have been really nice. It's fun to see the different styles and interpretations
  17. Niavlys
    Many thanks, justkaron! I'm satisfied with the mandolin and mandola parts but the fiddle part isn't great, the more I listen to it.

    David: Great job on the multi-instrument recording! Nice chords on the guitar too.
    Rick: your mandolin is slightly out of tune on some strings but your playing is great, you manage to keep a very steady rhythm while adding nice extra-string strumming! There's a moment (at 1:30 and 2:22 for instance) you use a D chord (200x) when I think you should playing an A chord (220x), but I might be wrong.
    luurtie: I'm impressed by your tremolo! And yet usually I'm not very fond of tremolos.
    OldSausage: Love the variety of your interpretation.
    James: It was a great idea, mixing piano and bouzouki, it works very well.
    woodenfingers: Nice playing, some notes on the fiddle are a bit flat, but I'm entirely guilty of this myself too!
  18. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Ashokan Farewell was written by Jay Ungar and is not in the public domain so YouTube is correct of course! (I'll bet you wouldn't have been contacted if you hadn't put the author's name in the title of your video...) I once recorded Blue Christmas and received the same notice about a detected copyright and even though I've never received any money from it, I just took it off my YouTube site to be safe. I'm always tempted to work on a song that we've picked as the Song of The Week that isn't in the public domain but resist it somehow. Ashokan Farewell may become a traditional fiddle tune in the future, but with copyright laws as they are now, it'll be in the public domain many years from now after we're long gone... which kind of defeats the folk process in my mind... what does everyone else think?

    By the way, excellent renditions and multi-instrumental arrangements of this great song from everyone. Well done!
  19. Victor Daniel
    Victor Daniel
    Here is my try at it.

  20. OldSausage
    Nice job, Victor. On the copyright issue, it doesn't usually matter if YouTube detects the music is copyright, they just slap ads on it (and hopefully pay royalties to the copyright owner, although probably just a pittance). In other words, YouTube has accepted responsibility for handling copyright so you don't have to. If they think it should come down, they will just take it down, they won't ask you.
  21. Niavlys
    Ok, I will leave it as it is, then. Thanks for the infos.
    Michael, actually I've added the author's name in the title and description AFTER receiving the copyright notice. What surprised me is that I thought they were looking for traces of the original recordings, not interpretations of the melody, that's much harder to detect (and less "harmful" to the copyright holder, I would say).
  22. OldSausage
    They have audio recognition software that identifies these melodies. It's ruthlessly efficient (not!). The copyright holder is due "mechanicals" on any recording (or performance) of their composition, so YouTube is just obeying the law, or at least upholding their view of it.
  23. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Very nice tremelo there, Vic. I decided to harmonise the melody away so the youtube software wont recognise it.
  24. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    This is a trio arrangement written about ten years ago for our mandolin ensemble by my late friend Tony Judge, who added a simple tremolo mandola harmony to the tune and transposed to G major for the final repeat. For this recording I've adapted Tony's setting for a more informal line-up of mandolin, octave mandolin and tenor guitar.

    I meant to record this last week, but forgot to borrow the mandola and guitar parts from my colleagues until yesterday's rehearsal.

    1921 Gibson Ajr mandolin
    Mid-Missouri M-111 octave mandolin
    Ozark tenor guitar

  25. Tavy
    Here's one I recorded earlier:

    Recorded on mandolin and waldzither.
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