Limited Editions

  1. big muddy
    big muddy
    Hey gang,

    Every now and then we sell limited edition items. Curious to see if any of you have some of the models that were a limited run or others that we no longer sell.

    FYI, right now we're selling a limited set of zebra wood mandos. Feel free to check them out.

    We also recently sold a mandolin made of out 200 year old mahogany.

    - Big Muddy
  2. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Hi Mike -- good to see you here!

    I have a one-off all-mahogany octave mandolin, labelled M-111. Lovely instrument with a nice warm tone, which is a joy to play.

  3. big muddy
    big muddy
    Martin, I would love to get some pictures of that. Care to post a few?
  4. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Sure -- I've just uploaded a few photos of the all-mahogany octave here:


    For size comparison, I've included a shot of the OM next to my M-0W mandolin.

  5. big muddy
    big muddy
    Thanks Martin. Much appreciated. Added some of the pics to our facebook page for the world to see!
  6. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    You're welcome. Just a nitpick on the Facebook posting: the mandolin in the photo is an M-0W, not an MW-0. Different specs: the MW-0 has walnut back and sides and standard neck, the M-0W has mahogany back and sides and a wide neck. Yes, it's confusing but they're your model numbers, not mine...

  7. Rob Page
    Rob Page
    I recently purchased from the classifieds here a black "Folk Art" mandolin that was one of the featured mandolins about a year ago. My instructor Moses McKinley plays (and I mean plays hard) a Big Muddy in his band Folk Hogan and it was his recommendation that got me looking for one.

    I have been watching Facebook and the last 2 featured mandolins were awesome. The Adirondack Red Spruce has been my favorite and I loved the Blue Christmas one.
  8. FatBear
    I looked up Folk Hogan and listened to the Skeleton Scramble. Holy cow! Talk about high energy. I would not have pictured a Big Muddy in that setting, but it does really well.
  9. Frogstar
    I just added a shot of the M11 I picked up second-hand last year, don't have much info about it, other than it having some sort of non-standard finish. Looks great, IMO!

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