F-5 Jam-Master & A-9 owner:

  1. 300win
    Hey ya'll never thought I'd be able to post in or be a member of this social group. But now I can. Estatic owner of # 50 F-5 JM signed by Dave Harvey, it is one heck of a mandolin. Also have a 2005 A-9 that is sweet 'un too. Great to read about Gibsons.
  2. hank
    Congradulation and welcome to Gibsonville. I'm a happy daddy to a booming baby Goldrush, Yellowbell and her sister Tinker from Montana. Like you, there was a time when I could only dream of being here. Not much going on here for now, I've been trying to gear up for U-tubeless and all the song a week fun, I enjoyed the photo's of your new baby Jam Master, very very nice mandolin.
  3. 300win
    Thanks hank. Those mandolins you have are very nice also. I played a Goldrush the day I got my JM. It had a very differant tone, kind of a Jesse McReynolds sounding mandolin, very bright. I did a little cross-picking on it, and that's what brought it to mind. My JM sounds more like Monroe's, dry, woody sounding, with a ton of volume. It never fails to amaze me the differant tones that good acoustic instruments have, even within the same model.
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