Week #273 ~ Cliffs of Moher

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner was Cliffs of Moher, which was submitted as an IT jig. It's had a run as an 'other tune', but is a good one!

    Here's the link to the other discussion, but when I look at it, none of the videos are showing up!

    Here is some abc that was posted on that discussion:

    X: 1
    T:the Cliffs of Moher
    aga bag|eaf ged|c2A BAG|EAF GED|\
    aga bag|eaf ged|
    c2A BAG|EFG A3:|\
    e2e dBA|e=fe dBA|GAB dBA|GAB dBd|
    e2e dBA|e=fe dBA|GAB dBA|BAG A3|\
    e=fe dBA|e=fe dBA|GAB dBA|GAB dBd|\
    e2e dee|cee Bee|GAB dBA|EFG A3|]

    Here is a link to the tune on the session.org

    Most of the videos you get when you search Cliffs of Moher are about the actual cliffs, but I did find this one!

  2. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    I recorded this one a couple of days ago as I already know the tune - it crops up at our local session sufficiently regularly to be worth committing to the memory bank. I've played it here at our usual session speed which on my solo mandolin playing sounds a bit rushed - I haven't got a host of great musicians to hide behind like I do down the pub
    Recorded on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. This is the second year in a row we have rented this cottage. The bench at the top of the meadow is a great place to sit and play the mandolin looking out over Swaledale which was on the route of the tour de France 2 weeks previously.

  3. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    James, thanks for this lovely demonstration. Your Eastman sounds great.
  4. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Nicely played and a beautiful view. Thanks!
  5. fatt-dad
    Great videos! I'm still working the Piper tune. This may be next !

  6. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Here is my effort. Not completely satisfied, but I just need to post something again.
  7. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Fantastic performance David. I love it when the mandolin kicks in, great sound and rhythmic playing.
    Well played Manfred, really clean playing as usual.
    I decided to have a quick run through hiding behind other far better musicians. I'd like to pretend I played all the instruments on this but in fact I'm playing along with Dave Mallinson's 100 essential Irish session tune CD. I'm sure Dave wouldn't mind- it is for educational purposes - there is an accompanying book with the notation which is also available, and he's had a free plug now. It's just what's needed to get up to session speed (NFI).

  8. Marty Jacobson
    Marty Jacobson
    I've tried a few takes at this, and I won't lie... it's a deceptively difficult little jig. David's is awesome as expected, and Manfred and James both have some cool details going on.
  9. Pasha Alden
    Pasha Alden
    That was played beautifully. The mandolin sounds so sweet. Thanks for sharing
  10. Niavlys
    It's hard to get this one perfectly right, something seemed always wrong to me when recording. Here it is:

  11. justkaron

    Hope it's OK to start posting here again. Have a long, long way to go.
    But only way to advance is to keep workin' on it.

    Really enjoying all of the other postings on this! This group is valuable beyond measure.

  12. dustyamps
    Karon, as you know, everyone is welcome here. Keep practicing it and you will improve and enjoy it even more.
  13. dustyamps
    This version is from O'Neill's Music of Ireland and is different tune.
  14. Mike Floorstand
    Mike Floorstand
    Really nice versions everyone, I especially liked Manfred's clean picking, David's cello (or bowed double bass?) backing, and the fine views of James' Yorkshire Dales. I'm going to be playing along with Niavlys's recording, and learning that setting found by dustyamps too.

    Meanwhile here's mine on Tenor banjo:

  15. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Lovely mellow sound Mike. I remember you had nylon strings on one of your banjos in a previous video which inspired me to experiment with it. Bought a cheap set of classical guitar strings but wasn't a great success - too floppy on the E string and snapped one of the thicker strings trying to get enough tension (you owe me £5 ). I'm going to stick with the mandolin in the meantime.
  16. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Great fluid picking niavlys.
    Mike, I love these triplets.
  17. Frithjof
    Like dustyamps I decided for O'Neill's version. You can find it as tune X: 4 on the session.org

    I personally like the other versions to and found it fun to play allong with John McGann
    Furtunately he plays a slow version. With great ornaments, btw.
  18. gortnamona
    i still have nightmares about the Cliffs of Moher from one very stormy day there, they're not for the faint hearted

  19. justkaron
    Wow! Lovin' all these versions.
  20. dustyamps
    Great versions by everyone, thanks.
  21. Francis J
    Francis J
    My version, apologies for the dodgy sound!

  22. jjoffe
  23. dustyamps
    Mighty fine players and mandolins on this tune. Welcome jjoffe, thanks for joining in.
  24. Niavlys
    I especially like gortnamona's and Mike's versions, but there are lot of great variations on the tune here!
  25. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Great playing -Jjoffe. Lots of other nice versions too; special mention for David Hansen's bassline (presumably bowed).
    Here is my attempt.
  26. Marty Jacobson
    Marty Jacobson
    Here's my version of this jig.. I was trying to make it sort of like Fairport Convention or Steeleye Span. Or something. But maybe I just got carried away in Reaper. :-)
    Oh, well, at least it's short.
  27. GKWilson
    Too short Marty.
    Maybe I'll put it on a loop.
  28. Marty Jacobson
    Marty Jacobson
    Thanks, Gary.
  29. cwboal
    Hi all, been a long time since I engaged and posted here. Thought I'd try to get back into it a bit. My apologies for the 'ornamentations' ;-) The fingering is a bit more compressed on the mando compared to my OM.

  30. woodenfingers
    Bit of catch up here. We started playing this one in our trio and I'll get a recording of it at some point. The SAW group has been on a Celtic kick lately and after working on the tunes I can finally play 6/8 time properly at a reasonable speed now. Marty, I really enjoyed your reaper enhanced version! I don't have a bohdran so I thumped my banjo and then put a bunch of reverb on it for the background.

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